Walk Behind Lawn Mowers – What You Should Know Before You Buy

Walk Behind Lawn Mowers – What You Should Know Before You Buy
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Every homeowner wants their yard to be the one that turns heads. They want to have the perfect green grass that is evenly cut without any straggling blades standing straight up in their yard. Walk behind lawn mowers needed to have a general overview of how to buy one and what to look for. For this reason, we decided to put together a list of things that every buyer should look know about.

Walk behind lawn mowers are the most popular lawn mowers currently being purchased by homeowners. This could be because of their price or because the average size yard does not require a riding lawn mower. Here is an overview of the types of lawn mowers and what types of lawns they are best used on as well as the pros for each one.

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1. Electric lawn mowers which can be ideal for smaller lawns covering a flat or fairly level ground less than 1/3 of an acre in total.

  • starts with ease
  • quieter than a gas powered lawn mower
  • no emissions/ environmentally friendly
  • available with or without a cord
  • can be used with a bagging system or a mulching system
  • available in a push model or self propelled model

2. Gas powered lawn mowers are great for lawns up to about ½ an acre and they can be flat of slightly uneven.

  • cuts wider paths of grass
  • powerful
  • available in self propelled or push versions
  • easily maneuvers in thick grass
  • powered by gas which is easy to find
  • requires occasional maintenance

Some of the options you can find on a lawn mower is the electric start. This is a popular method of starting a lawn mower because not everyone has the strength to start their mowers with the pull cord that once was the only way to start a lawn mower.

Another option is speed control. Some of the newer style lawn mowers have a sensor that allows the person pushing it to control the speed with the pressure given to the handle. Although, not all lawn mowers are designed with this so some of them will require ‘man handling’ to increase the speed.

It is important that you take into consideration the amount of land you will have to maintain when you are looking at walk behind mowers before you purchase one. The bells and whistles are personal preferences, but they are always nice to have. Of course you could save some money by going with a default version mower. But, how much fun would that be?

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