Ventura County Bail Bonds – #1 Recommended – Available 24/7

Ventura County Bail Bonds – #1 Recommended – Available 24/7
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We here at Steve Mehr Bail Bonds are dedicated to helping people in need of bail bond services and information. We provide informative and simple advice regarding the need and process of bail bonds. Wherever in Ventura County, we are accessible and available to help you know your rights, options, and freedom. Ventura County Bail Bonds - #1 Recommended - Available 24/7

We are a local Ventura Bail Bonds provider. 
We are not a large chain operated company that treats you like a number. In a family or friends time of need, we rely on providing service and customer care. Most of our business is from word of mouth and satisfied clients. We understand that your #1 priority is to help your family or friend get back home, and to return to a normal life. We can help provide that for you. We offer personal attention to every bail bonds case and ensure the success and speed of the transaction.

The procedure of bail bonds. 
If you are anywhere in Ventura County and are arrested, you are then detained and booked with the local authority. If you are a suspect in a case, you will need to complete a booking process which could take anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours. They will also do a background check for past convictions or warrants, which may affect your bail. This is a scary time for most, and your family or friends options are at this time very unclear. There picture will be taken, as well as finger prints and sometimes DNA. However soon after they will soon be given a phone call before they are placed into a jail cell. Most of these calls will be a collect call, so be prepared to accept the call as this phone call is crucial. This is a chance for your friend, family, or yourself to setup bail so that a timely release will be secured.

What are the next steps of a Bail Bond. 
Calling Steve Mehr Bail Bonds will be the next step to complete the bond process. This is where we will take the greatest of care in explaining all steps in a simple process. Once we obtain the essential information, we then begin setting up bail for your family or friend. An important piece of information that will need to be communicated to us is the bail amount. This bail amount is set by the judge or the Ventura County Steve Mehr Court Bail Schedule. However keep in mind that you will not be able to bail, until you have completed the steps above, as uncomfortable as they are. Either the judge or booking staff will set bail according to the offense and the bail schedule based on the offense.

What exactly does a bail bond mean?
To put it simply, we vouch for you. The court sets a bail to ensure that you will return to court. We vouch for you and put up your bail amount. And once you appear in court, the bail amount is returned to us, most commonly referred to as exonerated.

What payment types do the courts of Ventura accept?
They accept cash bail, property bond, or most commonly a surety bond also known as bail bond.

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