Top Rated Lawn Mowers – Who Made the List

Top Rated Lawn Mowers – Who Made the List
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Many people do not put much thought into buying a lawn mower. If you are like the many people that simply look at the price tag on a lawn mower, you could be missing out on something good.  We decided to investigate lawn mowers and  determine how well they really work under normal, real life conditions.

You know what we mean, tall grass that went neglected, wet grass, grass with tree root protruding, and even the crunchy dry grass.  Here is our summery of thetop rated lawn mowers for the real world.

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The first on our top rated lawn mowers list is the Lawn Boy 10640. For starters, this lawn mower looks like a beast, so you almost know it can handle almost anything thrown at it. We were surprised with the ease of use with this particular model. In all honesty, we assumed it would be on the heavy side and give us a bit of an issue going up hill.

However, this dream machine handled the hills like a pro. The Lawn Boy 10640 easily starts with a mere pull of the cord, thanks to the powerful ReadyStart Briggs and Stratton 674 engine. Overall, this lawn mower made the cut  on all lawn types with the utmost of ease.  This lawn mower is well worth the price tag of $200-300.

Coming in a very close second, we have the Black & Decker MM875 electric push mower. This one has a wallet friendly price tag at about $200-300. For an electric mower that is corded, this one really impresses.

Although you are limited by the cord in some ways, you can still cut through taller grass and even wet grass without struggling. This lawn mower takes the cake when it comes to electric lawn mowers. It is powerful, easy on the eyes, and can mulch or bag to please even the pickiest person.

Earthwise 50118 electric push mower. This lawn mower makes the need for bagging the grass clippings a thing of the past with its side discharging  mulching. The comfortable cushioned sensitive handle allows the person to be able to increase or decrease their speed comfortably. This also means, no more calices after mowing your lawn. The Earthwise 50118 electric push mower really raises the standards for electric mowers.

Our top rated lawn mowers passed our high standards for grass cutting. Not every mower can handle the high neglected grass like these three did. These were also the most comfortable of the mowers used for all types of grass, including high grass with lots of roots to consider. If you are looking for a lawn mower that is going to last, be easy on the body and perform like it was brand new for a long time, these are our three recommended mowers for either electric or gas powered.

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