Top 10 Worst Prisons in the World 2018

Top 10 Worst Prisons in the World 2018
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Of course, prisons are the worst and terrifying allocations specified for the anti-society individuals who are dame notorious to make the people afraid and frightened.

Top 10 Worst Prisons in the World

Prisons are Top 10 Worst Prisons in the Worldspecially designed to accommodate these convicts for their punishment where they have to spend their entire life in a solitary place until summoned to death. Within these prisons, these fugitives and terrorist cannot lay down easily. They make plans to escape, fight illegally, deteriorate the discipline and spread haphazard killing and torture. Special ops are appointed in the prisons to ensure proper safety in these boundaries. You must be surprised to view top 10 worst prisons of the world. Let’s see how the list moves on.

10. Bang Kwang

At last, the Bang Kwang has nominated the Thailand in the list of having worst prisons of the Asian subcontinent. Criminals are beaten and forced to do labor work. They have to keep themselves in leg chains all for three months and are provided with scanty amount of food and water.

9. Drapchi

Drapchi has attained second last position in the run of worst prisons located in the world. This is found notorious and deadly due to purposeless shooting of prisoners. The cons cannot even behave badly to the guards. This worst prison is located in Tibet and it has been often named as the worst prison of Tibet.

8. Alcatraz Island

It was constructed in ancient times and at those times, it was considered to be the top prion of the European regions which had hosted many notorious criminals. The most terrible and deadly feature of this prison is that the prisoners have to keep their ass in the cells all the times. They have not even a single chance to see the outside world.

7. ADX

This prison is particular built up to confine the most wanted terrorist of the world in Colorado. It is in funny meanings called as the clean version of hell because the interior designing is clean yet too hard to escape. Total cells are 500 in number containing bed and chair in each cell.

6. Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir is situated in the Turkey where people have committed suicides against the disrespect of the humans. Because the conditions have gone so bad that prisoners have to raise protest, fire to stop these treatments. Other reasons include sexual abuses and target killing for a cone who tries to escape the confinement of the prison.

5. Louisiana State Penitentiary

It is the top worst prison of the United States which was formerly called as Angola. Here, fugitives and convicts are confined and compelled to do a lot of heavy work. If they refuse to do so, they will have to bear severe punishments for long duration of time. After the murder of a guard of this prison, the rules have stiffened very much for the prisoners.

4. Kwan Li So No. 22

It is the poorest and worst prison of the North Korea where human males and females are kept and treated like animals and savages. The inhabitants have to survive in these prisons on their owns. It is believed that punishments, labor work and torture are not only limited to the adults but little kids are also suffering with these inhumane activities.

3. La Sante

La Sante also named itself in the list of nastiest prions of the world. It is located in the lovely Paris but the beauty of city did not match with the prison. The suspects have to bear the rising heat in the congested and small designed cells for 23 hours in a day regardless of the weather conditions

2. Gitarama

Gitrama is the nightmare of the Rwanda, a country in Africa. It is the prison that makes your thoughts and temperament out of control because human rights violations are clearly observed in this prion. In short, the world most tarnished prison with respected to living is this jail. Since, it is carrying more than 5 thousands criminals in a place where maximum 500 convicts are adjustable.

1. Tadmor

It is the worst and most deadly prison of the world ever seen by anybody. Tadmore is located in the desert and barren place of Syria. A killing attempt on the president of Syria, during the early 1980 made this prison hell and merciless place for the rest of prisoners. Because the person who made this effort, was summoned to this prison. Severe torture, ill-treated guards, low quality meal and dirty water are the bad features of this prison.