Top 10 tips to improve your child’s IQ 2018

Top 10 tips to improve your child’s IQ 2018
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Top 10 tips to improve your child’s IQEverybody wants the smartest and most intelligent child in the class, but not everyone benefits from a high IQ score from birth. Although some of our intelligence is inherited, there are certain things that can be done to improve it. It is actually possible to give your child’s IQ score quite a substantial boost. This guide will look at 10 simple tips that you can use to improve your child’s intelligence. What’s more, these top 10 tips to improve child IQ are easy to do.

10. Play Computer Games

The idea of playing computer games to improve IQ will probably be of great interest to children who already enjoy playing games on computers. Not all computer games are suitable to improve intelligence, but there are some very good examples. The games you should look out for try to make your child think in different ways. Try to encourage them to play a game different to the one that they normally play as this will help their brain to learn to adapt and change. There are some computer games which are specifically designed to improve a persons IQ by asking them various questions.

9. Feed their Curiosity

Kids are naturally very curious and will want to find out as much as they can about the world. Most kids come out with some really strange questions which us grownups might find it hard to answer. It’s easy to get impatient with your kids, especially after working all day. However, when they ask a question you should try to be patient and show understanding. If you don’t know the answer, then you could make it a mission to find out together. By showing an interest and not getting annoyed they will be much more inquisitive and find out more about the world around them.

8. Play Games

Kids learn through play. Although studying is important you shouldn’t just force your kids to learn new facts and figures. True intelligence isn’t just the ability to recall facts. By encouraging play you will not only build confidence, but you will also help the brain to develop and grow normally. This is a very important tip to help improve the IQ of your child.

7. Encourage Brain Building Activities

It’s very easy for kids to spend hours sat in front of the television. However, you should really try to get them to do something more mentally stimulating. Try to get them interested in brain games like Suduku, Chess or crosswords. The key to building IQ is to regularly do something new. As soon as the brain gets good at something then it will stop trying. To continually improve the brain, new and different activities should be tried regularly.

6. Get them to Learn an Instrument

Music has long been known to help improve IQ and concentration. There have been several university studies which have suggested that learning to play an instrument can encourage brain development. It doesn’t actually matter what instrument they learn, as they all help the brain to develop in the same way. You might want to select the least annoying instrument you can think of though. It’s probably best to avoid the drums.

5. Inspire Creativity

Another great way of building new brain cells is to be creative. Set aside some time to get your kids drawing and painting. This might seem like a very small and unimportant thing to do, but it really can have a marked effect on your kids intelligence.

4. Keep Fit

It’s important for all kids to stay active for overall good health. Exercise doesn’t just build muscles and improve circulation, it will also do a lot of good for their brains. Regular exercise also helps to improve mood and concentration. If your child enjoys playing a certain sport then make sure you encourage them to participate. If they aren’t sporty, then you could also consider encouraging them to walk more. Minor lifestyle changes can have a big impact on your kids intelligence.

3. Eat Healthy

Processed foods are high in salt, sugar and fat. These are not very healthy and so can cause many health problems. Another problem these highly processed foods have is that they can impair intelligence. For a healthy body and mind your kids need to eat a healthy balanced diet containing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Many artificial additives have also been liked to several anxiety and attention disorders which can affect your IQ.

2. Read More

In an age where you can get all the information you need from the television, there’s no real need to read anymore. However, reading is an essential activity that your kids must learn to do. Reading will allow your kids to learn new facts and expand their brain power.

1. Make sure your Kids are Confident

A high IQ score is nothing without high confidence. You need to try and build up your kids confidence so that they aren’t afraid to try anything. By making sure they aren’t afraid of trying or failing they will stand a much better chance of success.


Hopefully by following the 10 tips above you can give your kids the right start in life. By building IQ and confidence they will have a much brighter future and better career prospects.