Top 10 Tips for a ripped six pack 2018

Top 10 Tips for a ripped six pack 2018
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A lean and ripped set of abs is at the top of every man’s wish list. The promise of a ripped midsection is quite often the only mental motivation needed for long and hard work out sessions. Among the best ways to get six pack abs is following the right diet, which is high in proteins and low in carbs and fats. Regularly training your abs is also important for achieving a cover model look. Here are top the 10 tips on how to getting a six pack ripped look:

Top 10 Tips for a ripped six pack

10. Scrub up

One good tip to improve muscle tonus in your midsection is to stand in one leg while you are brushing your teeth. This is a perfect short workout for your abs, as it creates a certain degree of instability that works your smaller abdominal and core muscles in order to achieve a better core strength.

9. Interval training

Among the best ways to get six pack abs is to intensify your interval training workout. Some studies have shown that men who practiced interval training for 15 weeks lost nine times more fat than those who trained for 20 weeks with steady-state endurance exercises. For this reason it is recommended to insert into your routine a high-intensity interval session three times a week. You may do your interval training for one minute at a rate of 9/10, then three minutes at 4/3. Once done you may repeat the cycle for twenty minutes. That means you will only train for five minutes at full speed.

You also may schedule a special session for abs, forearms, and calves once a week. By training all these body parts together you will get the maximum intensity in your workout.

8. Get deep

 For better results you need to work your core deep by locating the muscle responsible for a flat stomach, the transverse abdominus. Before the lifting phase of any exercise take a deep breath and hold it. On the return phase exhale forcefully.

7. Consume vitamin C

Studies have proved that those people who consume daily 500mg of vitamin C burn an average of 39 percent more fat during exercise. Higher levels of vitamin C may improve the body’s ability to burn fat as energy. Peppers and kiwi fruits contain twice as much vitamin C per gram than oranges.

6. Pile it on

The abs muscles are among the strongest muscles in the body. They can take much more than your bodyweight and it is recommended to add some weights training. For building abs muscle definition you need to load your core and. That will stimulate the muscle fibers to grow. For instance, hold a 10 kg disc above your head when doing crunches. Or you may attach to your ankles some leg weight during the leg raises exercises.

5. Simulated punches

You can image being punched by a heavyweight champion and tense your abs. Studies show that when you tense your muscles as you are about to take a punch the deep core activity during squats exercises increases by 167 percent.

4. Get a good night of sleep

Studies have shown that poor sleep makes your muscle cells to become insulin resistant, which leads to increased fat storage, especially in your belly area. For this reason it is recommended that you always take care to get enough sleep if you are striving to achieve a ripped six pack look. A glass of milk or a high fiber cereal snack before your bedtime can help you sleep better.

3. Eat a burger

Even if might seem counterintuitive, a burger is good for a toned midsection. Packed with magnesium, zinc, and proteins, a burger is a good meal for those who want a ripped six pack. Studies have shown that people who have five average burgers a week increased their fat burn process by 20 percent.

2. Delay

Leave the core and abs specific workouts for the end of your training session. If you you’re your abs first you will get tired and not achieve the same benefits from dead lifts and squats.

1. Cable machine training

You can increase the training for your core’s hidden muscles by getting workouts on the cable machine. That can provides you the variety needed to train every one of your abdominal muscles. For example, try ten to twelve reps of the cable push-pull.

Interval training, balancing the body to stimulate core muscles workout, machine cable training, and simulated punches are among the best workouts for abs. In addition, good rest and following the right diet can highly speed up achieving the desired results. By following these 10 tips on how to getting a six pack ripped look you will achieve your goal much faster.