Top 10 Safest Countries to Live in 2018

Top 10 Safest Countries to Live in 2018
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None of you wants conflicts, wars and ever increasing battles between the countries. Ever since the origin of defense forces developed in a nation, people afraid of the place where they spent their life. They are always hoping for something wrong in their surroundings and did not pass a single night of cool and calm sleep. Therefore, it is suggested that your country should be safe and sound to impart a very healthy living style to its dwellers. Safest countries are those that have highest quality of life. Suppose, you are living in a safest and danger free country of the world then you must have realize the beauty and calmness of life and at the same time you can imagine about those individuals who wish to have the same life but their dream can never come true. These countries are very peaceful so those who are living there are privileged people. A short list of top 10 safest countries to live in 2013 is given below with valid reasons to live in these countries. These top 10 safest countries of 2013 are the best countries to live in the world.

Top 10 Safest Countries to Live in 2017

Top 10 Safest Countries to Live in 2017

10. Finland

Finland also attracts people from all over the world to spend a pleased life with their family members. Reliable courts, valid justice and strict police force are the plus points to live. It is near to Sweden which is also part of this list of safest countries to live in 2013. Most of the people of Finland speak Finnish but Swedish is also spoken there because its border is linked with Sweden. Many researches have shown Finland to have high quality of life. This part of the world has cold winter so who are leaving for Finland must have the warmest clothes with them especially in winter.

9. Austria

Austria is located in central Europe with per capita GDP of $46,000 and it is included in world’s richest countries. Major entertainment spots like parks, streams, mountains, swirling trees are quite enough to let you live a healthy and vigorous life with your family. Normally, it is a feasible country to live a healthy life. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is best place to live there and most of the migrants prefer to settle in Vienna.

8. Sweden

Sweden has managed to make a suitable position in the list of world’s safest countries of 2013. The nation has almost lost a significant position in the last year because of lethal weapon transportation and severe weather conditions but yet the life is appealing and wealthy in Sweden. Most of the people visit Stockholm in spring because its spring creates a lovely atmosphere and people fall in love with beauty of spring in Sweden. Due to lowest death danger and greenery, Sweden is one of the best countries to live in the world.

7. Australia

Australia is becoming the world’s friendliest and most prosperous country in 2013. Thus, you can go to live there without any hesitation. A complete security set up has been developed for all the houses as well as for the vehicles. It is just because of the economy of the nation. Australia is the largest country with sea border and has minimal land border so it becomes a safest countries in this regard. As it has sea borders, its beauty lies in its beaches so you can enjoy summer there.

6. Ireland

It has also come up to offer you a safest place to live because of nice and friendly nature of its peoples. They live in harmony and build relationships to develop a sense of brotherhood and peace as a whole. This concept has leaded this country to be an ideal place to live in a heavenly nation. Further, annual entertainment festivals enhance this feature among the people and develop confidence in them. Irish countryside is the best place to get home in Ireland. Its countryside is so beautiful that photos of that landscape are used as wallpapers.

5. Denmark

Denmark has raised its status from a country of lazy people to a nation who has vigor and strength to keep its surroundings safe and clean forever. It is creating maximum up gradation regarding the rules and regulations for the people safety and protections. Strict criminal laws and police task forces would never give even a single chance to the thieves to make people’s life uncomfortable.

4. Norway

Norway has also been a most romantic place for people having idealistic temperament. If we enlist beneficial features, it would be very jolly for us to jot down salient ones. First, there are no crime rates and other bad news. The environment is purely healthy and refreshing for the individuals who love to sleep a dreamy night. Mountains in Norway makes it one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It would be very safest place for all kinds of people in 2013.

3. Iceland

Iceland is really the land of cool minded persons where peace and calmness are found to be at its peak. Killings, murders, kidnappings, sexual harassment and other similar other ailments are almost wiped out in this beautiful place. Thus, it has become one of the most favorable place to live and spend a joyful life in your own way.

2. Tuvalu

It is the smallest heaven like country located between the Australia and Hawaii. The most promising feature of the Tuvalu is the absence of the fuel and other resources of renewable energies which become the rapid source of pollution. There is no any news of war or terror attack. It might be unknown country for most of the people because it is not a big country and has about 10,000 citizens. It is god gifted safest place to live on earth.

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is the top safest country of the world where you can taste the real quality and standard life in full vigor. People have their own rights and allocations which are being fulfilled in a true sense by the government of the New Zealand. Most of the people are living a content and affluent life and you can never see a beggar or extremely poor homeland in that region of the world. Reporters Without Borders ranked New Zealand as 8th best country on the basis of press freedom. The year 2013 could never replace this country from the list of top rated safest countries of the world.