Top 10 Richest Teachers of the World in 2018

Top 10 Richest Teachers of the World in 2018
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Profession is recognized by the social status in a society which in turn depends upon the type or nature of the profession.

Top 10 Richest Teachers of the World in 2017

Professions like running internet club, entertainer, laborer and other labor related work are Top 10 Richest Teachers of the Worldnot considered to be good by the literate and decent society. On the other hand, there are various professions which are truly appreciated by the people. Consider the example of teaching which is a profession in which you educate and teach the illiterate people and make them able to stand in the rushing challenges of the world. Teaching is a very respectable job that leads you to earn a lot of money slowly and steadily. There are various examples of those teachers who started their career as simple or ordinary teacher but soon they become the richest teachers in their society and people really become surprised. Here are top 10 richest teachers of the world in 2013.

10. Stephen Hawking

This is the richest teacher who is still alive at the moment. He remained as professor of the professor of theoretical physics at the University of California. Stephen has discovered glorious discoveries in quantum physics.

9. David Silvers

David is highest paid professor at the university of Colombia and infect he is the top highly paid teacher at said location. He teaches dermatology. He is 9th richest professor in the world.

8. Zev Rosenwaks

Education at the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility are delivered by Zev who was director of this institute located at Cornell University. He is 8th richest teacher of the world in 2013.

7. Cyril Taylor

He has collected a lot of money through the information technology resources in his university. It is estimated that he has grabbed a money value of 72 million dollars through international exchange programs conducted for students from all over the world.

6. Robert S. Langer

This man is the legend in the field of biotechnology and tissue engineering. He has grafted many tissues and took the responsibility of drug resistance recovery and healing cancerous tissue. He has done a lot of research in this field and trained international students. Up till now, he has named enormous publications and research paper which have made him wealthiest teacher of the world.

5. Reza Satchu

Entrepreneurial arts are well delivered by Reza who is a teacher at the University of Toronto. He has got his early qualifications from Canadian institute of science and technology and then he shifted himself to the post of teaching. Most of his earning comes from the website he used to sell out at the rate of billion rupees. He has money value of 45 million dollars to enroll himself in this list.

4. Adi Shamir

RSA algorithms were introduced by this teacher who has the honor to have worth of money business. Adi belongs to the Israel and he is known to be expert at cryptographer and math. He has earned a lot of diplomas, certificates and honors which are the evidence of his services. He has obtained his doctorate degree in 1977 in Israel and keeping in view the elements of patriotism he continued to serve his motherland.

3. James Stewart

The pioneer of the science of mathematics is James Stewart who has obtained his higher education from MacMaster University. He has been teaching this subject since he left his education and soon he became the world’s richest teacher. In an interview, he was of the view that he loved to teach mathematics and it was his passion to play with the scheme of counting.

2. Henry Samueli

At number second, the electrical engineer Henry is standing with a total wealth of 1.3 billion dollars in his bank accounts. He has obtained his postgraduate and doctorate degrees from the UCLA in 1981. He is very expert at his profession and holds many awards and convener of international meetings.

1. David Cheriton

The genius teacher of the Stanford University is currently holding the title of the world’s highly paid teacher. He teaches computer sciences to the undergraduate and postgraduate students. We can estimate the expertise and talents of this teacher through his achievements in which he has paid a lot to the science. He also carries some kind of share and contribution in Google. At the moment, he is the owner of almost 1.4 billion dollars. David Cheriton is world’s richest teacher of 2013.