Top 10 Most Rare Rainforest Birds 2018

Top 10 Most Rare Rainforest Birds 2018
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As the name indicates, rainforest is the forest or a jungle where rain fall is mostly observed and recorded beyond the normal range fall.

Top 10 Most Rare Rainforest Birds

According to weather reports, almost 1800 to 2000 mm is an average recorded rain in a common rainforest of the world. Different animals and species adorn the freshness and loveliness of a rainforest. You have often noticed the scenes and prettiness of the rainforest during and after the rain in television and movies in which birds sing beautiful songs in their cute and delicate chirping sounds. These sounds amaze and soothe our ears and make us realize their meaning in nature. Similar top 10 most rare rainforest birds are jotted down to maximize and fascinate your ideas about these birds.

10. Scarlet Macaw

The national bird of Honduras is yet in the list of rare rain forest birds. Despite of its extinct species, the remaining species has become more vital. It is also used as gaming bird in the early ages. It likes to be resident in the humid rainforest.

9. Flamingo

This is another masterpiece fancy bird of the rainforest which has mixed color of red and orange. It has also strange habits like it stays one leg and get sleep half of the body while other remain active.

8. Indian Peafowl

The national bird of the India is located excessively in the extreme lower end of rainforest. The pattern and arrangement of the fanny wings are just amazing and incredibly beautiful.

7. Red Billed Toucan

Red billed toucan is a strange category of bird which is poor in fight and flight but yet it has peculiar sleeping and eating habits. It is believed that when red billed sleeps, it turns its tail upward. The beak of Red Billed Toucan, just like other Toucan birds, is 7 inches long with yellow and blue color at the base.

6. Swainson’s Toucan

It is uniquely crafted rainforest bird which has imparted a very catchy look to a place where it habitats. It has 8 inches elongated beak with a slight curve in the upper surface. The beak is yellow anterior and black posterior. This sole specie of Toucan weights 500 grams.

5. Purple Glossy Starling

It is not only the rainforest bird but also a prominent bird which is usually quoted in poems by the poets. It is 22 to 24 cm in total length with shining greenish color at the dorsal surface of the body. This color reflects significant shiny look in the sunny day. The starling has quick flying momentum with cute voice.

4. Harpy Eagle

It is specie of the famous Eagle bird which has almost gained an important reputation in lower and middle rainforest areas. It has silver to gray color range from beak to neck with a slightest tinged of black color. The beak is different from all of other birds in shape and length. It is often kept and reared for target killing of mini birds.

3. Red Lorikeet

It is most fancy rain forest bird. The specialty varies from specie to specie in color, beak length, wings pattern and other characteristics. It has almost reddish color at the front portion with sharp beak in orange color. The wings at the posterior end take maroon color and this zigzag color presence represent a decorative look. Children are most likely to be associated with this bird and at most of the occasions it is seen in pretty wallpapers.

2. Pink Pigeon

This is an amazingly romantic and nature gifted bird found in the rain forest. The bird weights 350 grams and owns pinkish coloration at the beak and at the feet. The wings are relatively dark in color with white area under the abdomen. The whole appearance is so charming and attractive that can never be expressed in words accurately. This was also remained as the bird of extinction in 1977.

1. Golden-necked Cassowary

Here goes the top of the most beautiful rainforest bird which is commonly called the cassowary. The upper part of head in light color makes this bird more ornamental and fancy. Different body structures with different color and shapes are worthy of watching and exploration. Wattles are bright red to yellow. It sounds more politely during the heavy rains with cool breeze and usually harbors the top nest in the lush green trees.