Top 10 Most Populated Countries in 2018

Top 10 Most Populated Countries in 2018
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Population is a grand problem of almost all the developing and developed nations. Most of the countries shave launched the population control program at domestic and national levels. Most Top 10 Most Populated Countries in 2016of the private and government organizations have worked a lot in removing out the highest population rates from their cities. The economic situation and other national growth are quite impressed negatively due to day by day increasing population. Populated countries have drastic problem like poverty, unemployment, restlessness, murder and other crimes etc. the following are those countries which have put their names in the highest population rate through the world and yet cannot control the problem. This post answers the question of which is the most populated country in the world. Let us see the list of top 10 most populated countries of the world in 2016.

10. Russia

Vladimir Putin has addressed to the national assembly of Russia in order to imitate family planning in the capital city as well as in those cities located at periphery.The total population reaches up to 144 million. In 2013, Russia has come across to be first in reducing population rate as compared to the previous calculations.

9. Japan

Population of this republic is closely 127,799,000 but these calculations are based on the judgment of the existing population with the previous survey of population. There are certain issues which are pending and yet to be resolved before coming to this serious issue. It is at 9th spot in the list of most populated countries of the world.

8. Nigeria

Nigeria is a little bit stable but not the problem free countries since many domestic cities are overwhelmed contributing to unbalance. The total population of Nigeria is 166 million which comes to be 2.36% of the total world.It has adopted strict measures and terms to control the population.

7. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is also an Islamic nation carrying a total population of 157 million. It also forms a status of populous country just like other countries. More importantly, rural areas have highest rate of population as compared to the urban ones as the later ones are more conscious about family planning.

6. Pakistan

Islamic republic of Pakistan is strong defensive nation in the list of Islamic world but it has also been suffering from over population since last five years. People do not put their concerns on family planning and thus favors the poverty and unemployment. The recent population is 180 million and exceeding steadily.

5. Brazil

Brazil has spotted this position because the female population is 5 times higher than males. This is very logical reason behind uppermost population in Brazil. Each family possesses more than one child and IBGE analysis reported total population of 192 million.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia has launched many family controls planning in its cities and villages but it seems that people are reluctant to follow these terms and conditions. Moreover, people are not provided with incentives and other facilities to opt small family instead of large and this reason holds in highest population in Indonesia with statistical figure of 237 million.

3. United States

The country which is powerful and developed in all aspects and recalling an idea of overpopulation sounds not fair enough. Yet, it is true and reality. The current population estimate is 313 million for the United States and still, the nation is flowing in steady situation but if the rate keeps on increasing just like that then sooner or later emerging problems may collapse the country.

2. India

India is at number two with an overall population of 1247 million and counts most populous in those categories where people follow Hindu religion. The tradition and cultures do not matter but the social picture is very deleterious depicting poverty, unemployment, congested houses as well as poor living conditions even in the capital city. In the list of populous countries, India is lagging behind china.

1. China

The People’s Republic of China is the supreme power of the world but along with this, China is facing the problem of over population. At present, it is the country with the highest population in all over the world. The survey of population tells us that china possess 1347 million population which is 20 % of the whole world population. This is quite a gigantic figure for china but yet at the same time more dangerous for a developed nation who can at any time face the threat of deficient resources. China is the world’s most populated country in 2013.