Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World 2018
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Sports are the fundamental and a life stimulating constituent in an individual’s life and success. We cannot deny the utmost importance of sports in the life of any person at any stage whether he is a student, teacher and businessman or related to any profession. Sports can be categorized into many subcategories or divisions depending upon the extent of popularity, nature of interest and end results in the form of physical benefits and fitness. Yet, their participation can never be neglected and that’s why people used to spare some time in their routine work for any kind of energetic game either for their mental refreshment or bodily suitability. Some people are fond of watching exciting sports matches while others are habitual of playing them. In this scenario, print and electronic media is promoting both kinds of people.

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World 2017

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World

Keeping in view your attention, a list of world’s top most popular sports are enlisted below. The popularity of these sports is judged on the basis of viewers and players. It is a researched based post and we have taken into consideration data from many sources to compile a list of top 10 most popular sports in the world by 2013.

10. Golf

Golf is considered as the most expensive sport in the world of entertainment governed by GR&A and USGA. It requires costly equipment and a spacious ground layered with fine grass. The ground, at many spots have hole in which the player has to throw a ball with golf stick with minimum stocks. You have to choose a ground or large space furnished with natural beauty to enjoy the game. Some people used to play mini Golf that requires less space as compared to the professionally played game. It seems quite difficult requires supreme accuracy, judgment and decision making science. It is more commonly associated with the individuals belonging to the aristocratic or wealthiest societies. With this reference, Tiger Woods is the well-known golfer who has earned a lot of money through this game. Golf is played by elite class of the world but viewers of Golf are located in all parts of the world. Nowadays many golf courses have been provided for people to enjoy the game which is becoming a popular game with the passage of time.

9. Rugby Football

Rugby Football is an invention by the England and the name Rugby comes from the name of a school located in England in which the game was played excessively. It has gained popularity in six countries and two forms of sport are becoming important in rugby football competition, one is Rugby Union and the other is Rugby League. Both categories have certain similarities and differences and still create exciting competition among member nations. It involves many significant teams like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina. Rugby has a long history starting from 15th century but in 21st century it has become 9th most watched and played game in the world. World Cup of Rugby is also played which is organized by International Rugby Board.

8. Volleyball

Volleyball is originated from England and it is unique sport found among both men and women. The game lies on the principle that ball must not be dropped during its pendulum movement by the hands of a player with a net in the middle. There are five to six members in each team overall it is simple to play and understand. Volley ball is promoted by FIVB which is the central organization for this sport. In addition to this, a little two and fro movement of the player is involved in order to keep the ball in motion. Places like beaches enhance the taste of enjoyment and usually people prefer to do the same occasionally in summer. Volleyball is very much popular in rural areas of India and Pakistan where boys gather in grounds play that game in evening.

7. Table Tennis

Table Tennis is shortly termed as TT and in many instances it is also recalled by the name of ping pong. It is the sport of students and young people because it can be played at short available space. It includes the use of a small size table portioned by a net and a plastic ball has to throw away with a mini racket to the opponent player. Thus, the game is speedy in nature and required concentration of both players on the ball. You might have seen the recreational and entertaining places are equipped with Table tennis court for the people. Now-a-days in school, colleges and University has also made this facility available to the students. It is the national game of China which has produced a lot of talented Table Tennis players. Moreover, ITTF is the governing body of the Table Tennis which standardizes and regulates the matches both at national and international level. Table Tennis can be termed as China’s most popular and best game but other countries are also working hard to make it popular among masses.

6. Basketball

Basketball is placed at the 6th position in top most famous sports of the world. The NIB is the basic and central tournament involving the 30 professional teams of Basketball from all the parts of world. It was believed that first match of the Basketball was played in United States of America in 1891 and since that day it is known as the sport of American teens. The game revolves around a ball that has to be put by jump in a net fixed at a height and two teams in a specified rectangular area compete to keep the ball on their own side. Basketball is world’s 6th most watched sports in the world. In Unites States, it is one of the most popular sports.

5. Baseball

Baseball is more closely resemble with the cricket but rules and regulations differ considerably. The baseball is an ancient game of the people of the United States and now prevailing in China, Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia. People of the United States are earning a lot of money by organizing the international matches at home ground or at the host countries. The game is relatively quick in action and outcomes. The player in the batting side holds an elongated wooden stick to kick the ball to the boundary. Likewise previously, history has written many brilliant players of the baseball in golden words.

4. Hockey

Hockey falls at position number 4 in the present ranking. It is designated as the national sport in Indian and Pakistan. The game consist of two teams each having 11 players and play in a time period of 1 hour and 15 minutes to push the ball with a wood stick to the opponents goal which is guarded by a goal keeper. This is a short and physically a very suitable game for those who want to keep themselves healthy and fit. There are 1.7 billion people who love to play and watch this game. Australia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Holland, Argentina, Pakistan, India, Japan and Malaysia are promising hockey teams all over the world. Pakistan has won the title of hockey world cup twice and it is the most popular game in certain countries.

3. Tennis

Tennis holds the 3rd number among the category of World’s top most sports invented by England. However, it has not gained the similar popularity index as that of football and soccer yet it is being played in more than 20 countries. The beauty of the tennis is that it is easy to play in a restricted place requiring just a racket and a tennis ball between two opponents separated by a net. It is more often referred as the game of rich because of the sophistication and the pleasant space. Worldwide players of tennis have played their role in the publicity of tennis and still there are 1.5 billion spectators around the globe admiring the tennis. It is not just popular among men but females are also playing their role to make it popular.

2. Cricket

Here comes the second most famous sport of the world. Cricket is a game of cracking competition and exciting outcomes in which there lies relatively detailed and complex rules. Simply, there are two teams like in soccer, one has to bowl first and other one has to hit the ball with a bat to make runs in a circular ground. The origin of the cricket is dated back to England with some traces found in India. At present, International Cricket Council (ICC) is the executive authority of the cricket and has set up different categories of cricket matches like One day international (ODI), Test Match and T20. Each has its own charm and taste but ODI and T20 matches are usually more famous. In last few decades, Cricket has become a real threat to Football but the passion for Football around the world is letting it to become world’s most popular sport.

1. Football

Football is most commonly known as Soccer, the king of sports all over the world. As a definition, the football is a splendid game consisting of two teams each having 11 players and combat in a measured ground to throw the ball by dodging to the opponents’ end. The football has been played in many countries of the world and thus become the world’s best sport ever known. Obviously, there is no need of any expensive kit or other necessities to play the game. The world cup of football is held after every four years by FIFA which is central regulatory authority for promoting football. More than 30 million people are found to be the lover of this game and yet the fame and emotional motivation is increasing day by day. Football is the world’s most popular sport according to the stats of viewership.