Top 10 Most Popular Magazines 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Magazines 2018
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Magazines are simply a collection of few papers that provide you the all the information around the globe.

Top 10 Most Popular Magazines 2017

You can read the bold news and views spreading around media, politics, national and Top 10 Most Popular Magazinesinternational reports, war and terror attacks, sports and particularly the surrounding entertainment. Magazines are fairly popular in all the countries and interestingly, almost each newspaper publishes their own magazines with a very attractive and appealing cover photo to lure the customers. Here the question arises about the quality and quantity of the magazine. It varies from person to person because there are several types that exist in a single magazine. Here are those top 10 most popular magazines which have beaten the drums in 2013. Just have a look at the following list of top 10 most popular magazines of 2017.

10. Men’s Health

The magazine that features and uplifts the life status of man is no more leaving behind the list of best and popular magazine. This magazine publishes contents like balanced diet, exercise tips and schedule, hygienic environment and all the related issues to health and well being of a man.

9. Vogue

Vogue informs you the newly raised and documented fashion trend in its every new edition. You can keep in touch the latest fashion designs, trends, and out dated styles through its subscription. It is cheap, easily assessable and reads well especially for the teens.

8. Time Magazine

Time Magazine is termed to be the oldest and well appreciated magazine in all age groups. It deals with the burring issues of the world and highlights the significance and need of the solution. Thus, its fans and lovers are existing throughout the world. Moreover, it’s editing and printing is has been running like hot cakes.

7. Sports Illustrated

It goes without saying that this magazine is the top magazine which revolves around sport news and updates. Since its origin in early 1960, sports features were shown in limited extent but now people pick up this magazine to know what going on in cricket, soccer, hockey, badminton etc. it is also based in London.

6. Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is the pioneer of the world of music and politics. It has two peculiar tastes which has made this magazine extremely popular in 19 countries. It has been sold and subscribed in the youth and passionate youngsters. Surprisingly, the first man who initiated this magazine in 1967 is still editor in chief of this magazine.

5. People

As the name indicates, People’ magazine belongs to the celebrity news and views. Each year 3.75 million copies are sold out in the markets of US and many times, it has obtained the title of bestselling magazine. The interviews and celebrity discussion is in detailed section that can provide immense information for their fans.

4. National Geographic

You would be well aware of the channel named National Geographic which is the most famous channel dealing with the ecosystem and wild life. This magazine is a social part of that channel and earned a great name and fame in the list of top ten magazines. You can expect an unlimited topics to be included in this magazine since it also includes a life related issues, industrial output, scientific development and educational matters.

3. Playboy

Playboy is another rocking roll adult magazine who has currently huge subscribers and readers. Basically, it offers contents of stories and interviews of the celebrities of all time. Most of the famous actors and host are also welcome to be a part of this magazine.

2. The Lady Magazine

Probably the most wanted and most demanded magazine in the UK is termed as the lady magazine. It deals with the social and moral issues of the females particularly their marriage problems and after marriage issues with their husbands. In the London, most of the rich families and mediocre families have their own settlement and family system that create substantial issues which are needed to be discussed.

1. Real Simple

Real simple is feminine magazine designed and propagated for the issues and discussion forums pertaining to females. It has become very popular due to the utmost likeness and favorable comments imparted by the females. Various issues relating to household matters, cooking recipes, creative skills, interior designing and leisure pursuit are the best components of this magazine that make him the best magazine.