Top 10 People with Highest IQ Recorded 2018

Top 10 People with Highest IQ Recorded 2018
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IQ tests determine intelligence of people. The people with highest IQ level are world’s smartest Top 10 People with Highest IQ Recordedpeople. We have come up with top 10 people with highest IQ recorded in the world. These people are really smart and have the ability to solve difficult problems in seconds. There is a huge problem in calculating intelligence because there are certain factors that are involved in it. Stephen Hawking is in the list of most intelligent people of the world but will include him here because we don’t know his IQ score. You can also take Advance IQ test on internet and let us know how intelligent you are through comments. Here we move towards the list of world’s smartest people based on the result of Advanced IQ test.

10. Kim Ung-Yong

Kim Ung-Yong is the most intelligent personality of the world declared in one of the post of our blog. Kim Ung-Yong scored 210 in IQ test but it was not adult IQ test. When his IQ score is converted to Advance IQ score it becomes 170 which gives him 10th position in this list.

9. Marilyn vos Savant

Marilyn vos Savant is the world’s intelligent women with highest IQ score for any women which is 186. She is a popular dramatist but she is known for her IQ score. She writes columns by the title of “Ask Marilyn” where she answers reader’s questions. Last year, she did mistake in one of her columns which she admitted this year.

8. Bobby Fischer

This genius was an excellent chess player who died at the age of 64. He remained World Champion of chess from 1972-74 for United States. He was an American but in his later part of life he expressed anti-American views which caused him to leave his homeland. He was given citizen of Iceland where he lived his last part of life and died. His Advance IQ score is 187. Just a difference of 1 score gives him higher rank over world’s most intelligent women.

7. Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a man of genius. He mastered the art of painting, music, geology, mathematics and had a goof command over other disciplines. He is known for his painting, Mona Lisa. His IQ score is 190 and gets 7th position in world’s smartest people list based on Advance IQ score.

6. Ludwig Wittgenstein

Another man with the score of 190 is Ludwig Wittgenstein who was a philosopher and worked on logic. He also worked in military in World War I and his participation made him a changed man. He got the post of professor of philosophy and taught students at Cambridge.

5. Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov was a real genius in chess. He is Grandmaster in chess and remained World Champion for consecutive 9 years which is an honor for any chess player. No other chess player has enjoyed the status of being World Champion for 9 years. In 2005, he gave up the game. He is from Russia and holds anti-Putin views.

4. Sir Isaac Newton

Newton has IQ score of 190 which is equivalent to previous three people mentioned in the list but his work in the field of physics gives him higher rank. After Einstein, he is the most ranked physicist in the world.

3. Christopher Langan

Christopher Langan with the score of 195 is at third spot. He is also the part of our previous post about intelligent people. He is popular for his theory about mind and reality. He was an active student and his ability to understand things quickly did not work for him at school and he was dropped out.

2. William J. Sidis

This brilliant man did not live much and died at the age of 46. He got admission in Harvard at the age of 11 and became youngest student at Harvard. He had command over 40 languages and had IQ of 197 which is rare and gives the clue of his intelligence.

1. Abdesselam Jelloul