Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Brands of 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Brands of 2018
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In the 21st century, nothing is much prone to change as fashion. Fashion and latest trends Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Brandshave become an important part of our daily life and strongly influencing our routine life. Thousands of companies are the trend setters in the market and have been giving fashion a new life on every eve. Some of the brands are world famous and are very popular throughout the globe. Almost every country has been captured by them. This is one of the reasons that these brands have become the status symbols in the society in every part of the world. We have enlisted some brands according to their popularity. Top 10 most popular fashion brands of the year 2013 are listed below.

10. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a men fashion brand and need to introduction. They have the most recent and fashionable range for the men’s wear. From suiting to cosmetics and shoes, Hugo Boss has everything that can be asked by any man at any time. They have introduced uncountable range of male fashion and it is very much popular among men especially perfumes of this brand.

9. Dolce & Gabbana

D & G is famous in the world for its leather products. This brand has been a market leader for most of the times. Since it is good in leather goods, the company has introduced a wide range of leather products that can used by both males and females. Along with, some cosmetics and scarves are also available at outfits.

8. Prada

Prada is the name of quality and variety for almost 100 years. In the fashion world, Prada has its own fan following. Remember, Prada is the brand that is the favorite brand of Angelina Jolie. Unlike others, Prada is famous for its simplicity and durability. This is best Italian fashion brand but it is a bit costly too.

7. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is the famous brand of America and has been producing high standard garments for 44 years. It has wide range of variety. CK is famous for watches, hand bags, party wear and other such countless things. It is also famous brand of many Hollywood celebrities who use their fragrances. Their perfumes are also best for wen and women.

6. Victoria’s Secret

This brand is for women and it is the largest producer of lingerie for females. Women are fan of Victoria Secret because of its remarkable range from sleepwear to number of beauty products. This brand is world famous because it is a leader of fashion in women and also sponsor most of the fashion shows of the world. It also organizes Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and most of the popular models have performed there.

5. Chanel

Chanel is a high class brand and is famous for ready-made garments. Also, they are providing the elite class with wide range of perfumes, fashion accessories, cosmetics and jeweler. This brand is very popular among teenagers especially among girls who think that it is best fashion brand for them.

4. Versace

Versace is the name of fashion and durability. It is Italian brand with the wide range of fragrances, watches, clothes and watches which is equally popular among males and females of every society. This brand has won many prizes and awards internationally.

3. Gucci

It was established in 1921 and within short span of time became the biggest selling brand of Italy. It is very popular around the world with a wide range of clothes and other accessories like perfumes and watches and also leather products. Many female celebrities use leather bags of Gucci.

2. Christian Dior

World’s fashion starts from Paris and how come the brand of Paris be forgotten in the list of most fashionable brands of the world. Christian Dior is a famous brand which is highly regarded by both male and female around the world. This brand has introduces almost every possible accessory in the market. Ranging from leather bags to cosmetics and from jewelry to clothing, the brand has established its market and loyal customers.

1. Emporio Armani

This is the world’s most famous brand loved by many celebrities. It is both for men and women and aiming at providing most recent fashion to its customers. This brand is doing great job in establishing fashion trends in shirts, jackets and bags. The brand has also a variety on inner garments and perfumes. It can be asserted that Emporio Armani is the best brand to use in 2013.