Top 10 Most Popular and the Biggest Scultures in the World

Top 10 Most Popular and the Biggest Scultures in the World
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Top 10 Most Popular and the Biggest Scultures in the World. Sculptors are a special way of saying something about a particular human being or a particular event. Many artists have made their mark on the history by creating something very unique and very creative. Man has been creating these since the beginning of civilization. These are incredible and absolutely amazing works of art.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the top 10 biggest and the most popular sculptures in the world. This list of sculptors is in no particular order and the sculptures on this list have been gathered from all around the world.

10. Ocean Atlas in the Bahamas

 Ocean Atlas in the Bahamas

This is the biggest underwater sculpture in the world. This is an 18-foot tall female sculpture which weighs an astounding 60 tonnes and it is located off the west coast of Nassau in the Bahamas. It is the latest in a series of many such art pieces by the famous underwater sculpture artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Taylor is known as one of the pioneers who created the first underwater sculpture park in the world in the year 2006. He has so far created over 500 underwater sculptors.

This particular work of art is part of the Coral Reef Garden underwater.

9. The Monywa Buddha in Myanmar

The Monywa Buddha in Myanmar - Top 10 Most Popular and the Biggest Scultures in the World

There are lot of Big Buddha statues all around the world but this particular sculpture in Myanmar is a special one. It was completed in the year 1991 and is over 300 feet long. This reclining Buddha statue is hollow inside and people can actually walk inside the statue. There are over 9000 images of both the Buddha as well as his disciples inside the statue.

The unique thing about this statue is that it depicts the parinirvana of Buddha; which means his entry to nirvana after his death.

8. The Silver Dog in Colorado

The Silver Dog in Colorado

This 20 feet high sitting dog was created by Tom Drugan and Laura Haddad. It sits outside the animal shelter in Denver and shines brightly in the Colorado sunshine. It gets the name from the steel skeleton which has been adorned with over 100,000 shining dog tags. These tags shine and simmer in the sunshine and also dance in the breeze.

It welcomes the visitors into the animal shelter and also attracts a lot of tourists. The LED lights give this sculpture a heartwarming and colorful presence in the evenings.

7. The Appennine Colossus in Italy

The Appennine Colossus in Italy

This 35 feet high sculpture was carved out by the artist Giambologna in the late 16th century. It was commissioned by the then Prince of Medici for his mistress. The overall structure also contains many fountains, caves, majors inside the sprawling garden. This sculpture signifies the Appennine mountaines in the Italian peninsula. In contemporary terms, it looks like the character of Groot in the recent movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.

There is a whole building inside the sculpture and the network of passages inside the building end up in many fountains. There is even a chamber inside to host an orchestra. The passages inside are lined with corals, crystals, pearls and shells.

6. Mount Rushmore in USA

Mount Rushmore in USA

This is perhaps the most popular sculpture on this list. It was started in the year 1927 and was finished in the year 1941. The sculpture has served as a famous backdrop for many blockbuster Hollywood movies. It took over 400 people to complete the sculpture who carved, chiseled and drilled the stones to give it the famous look.

The pictures in the sculpture include George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt.

5. Forever Marilyn in California

Forever Marilyn in California

Who can forget the famous image of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt flying high in the air in the movie, the Seven Year Itch. This 1955 film has inspired countless copies of that scene and many Hollywood divas have tried to recreate that magic in their own movies but no one can come even close to Marilyn Monroe.

Seword Johnson has captured that famous scene for posterity by designing the giant statue of Marilyn Monroe holding her skirt. It was initially lying in the city of Chicago but now it stands proudly at Palm Springs in California.

4. Sphinx of Giza in Egypt

Sphinx of Giza in Egypt

This is not just one of the biggest and oldest sculptors in the world but it is also one of the most debated sculptures in the history of archaeology. It is believed to be a approximately 2000 years old. It has served as a background for many mystery movies all around the world. Many students of archaeology believe that this particular sculpture was created during the rule of Pharaoh Khafra though there are many who are of the opinion that this giant sculpture predates the fourth dynasty of the rulers of Egypt.

The controversy surrounding this magnificent work of art is not likely to die soon.

3. The Lady Justice

The Lady Justice - Top 10 Most Popular and the Biggest Scultures in the World

We have all seen this sculpture in many courtrooms and in many movies all around the world. It is believed that this particular sculpture dates back to the ancient Roman and Greek times and it served as the goddess of law and justice in those ancient times. Today, the Lady of Justice is part of almost every courthouse in the world.

This particular sculpture is not attributed to any one single artist and goes by many different names such as Blind Justice.

2. Michelangelo’s David

Michelangelo’s David

One of the most famous sculptures in the world, this was created by one of the most well-known artists of the renaissance era, Michelangelo. It serves as a symbol of youthful human beat beauty and its strength. This Italian artist finished his work on this sculpture between the years 1501 and 1504.

This 17 feet high statue is made of marble. It was originally commissioned as one of the several statues to be placed on ends of Florence Cathedral. However, it was later decided to place the statue on a public square.

1. The Terracotta Army in China

The Terracotta Army in China

As the name suggests, this group of sculptures was discovered in the year 1974 in the Shaanxi province in China. It is estimated that this collection includes over 8000 soldiers, 150 cavalry horses and more than 120 chariots. There are four different types of chariots and it is estimated to be more than 2000 years old.

This is the largest collection of such figurines found in China. In fact, the whole necropolis made for the emperor contains many halls, offices and many other structures. Over five meters of sand had accumulated over these warriors in the last 2000 years.