Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels in London 2018

Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels in London 2018
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Hotel business is one of the leading forms of business throughout the world. Although it is expensive and demands a very high investment in the beginning but it would be surprising to note that the capital will be paid back within couple of years. London is the city which is famous for its grandeur and economic activity. London is the one of those cities who is privileged to host many foreigners within a single day. This is one of the reasons why hotel business in London has flourished and still growing. The beauty of London lies in the fact that it is the city of both rich people and mediocre. People think that luxurious hotels are usually expensive. The luxurious hotels of London listed here are not the most expensive hotels of London. The average per night rate of the most expensive hotel of London, 45 Park Lane, is £545 so the hotels listed here are well below that rate.

Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels in London 2017

Top 10 Most Luxurious Hotels in London

You may find a line of 5-star hotels in London and also the hotels with minimal budget. Here, we will tell you about the top 10 most luxurious hotels of the London.

10. The Cadogan Hotel

At 10th position in the list of luxury hotels in London, the Cadogan is the one who is famous for its Oscar Wilde associations. The hotel is famous for its efficient services and ensured luxuries to make the stay memorable. This hotel has a brief history but the list of satisfied customers grow with every passing second. This highly rated hotel of London has average per night expenses of £350.

9. The Milestone Hotel

The truly luxurious hotels in London have one thing in common and that is their prime locations. Like all other, Milestone Hotel is situated at the location very ideal toward Kensington Palace. If you really need to know the meaning of luxury, then you must need to spend at least 24-hours in the Milestone.

8. 41 Hotel

This is one of those new hotels in London who has made its way to ranks of top class and high societal hotels in the London. These 11 years back, the hotel was of nominal fame but now the 41 has made its name in the list of top ten hotels. It would be surprising to note that only few hotels in London can compete the Boutique- Styled Hotel 41.

7. The Connaught

The Connaught Hotel is as old as hotel history in London. The hotel is another Mayfair’s many great hotels. Like many other famous and luxury hotels, the Connaught is also privileged to host big personalities. Charles De Gaulle, French President, stayed here during the darkest days of the World War 2 and bad period of his exile. It is the most expensive hotel in this list with average per night rate of £400.

6. Dorchester Hotel

The Dorchester hotel has many qualities along with its luxury environment. Area wise, this hotel is one of the largest hotels in the London. This hotel is famous in the celebrities related to sports and television. Dwight Eisenhower, a famous name, once occupied a whole suite of rooms.

5. Langham Hotel

Langham Hotel is the name you can find in directory for the last 150 years. Since inception, this hotel is famous for its rich clients. It has been reported that at times the stay in Langham Hotel would make you the special guest of any party that is going anywhere in London. The hotel is very expensive and is the state of the art.

4. Brown’s Hotel

Brown’s Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the London and has been privileged to host the personalities like F. D. Roosevelt and his wife on their honeymoon. Brown’s hotel is famous for its sophistication and high-class treatment of its guest. Former U.S President Theodore Roosevelt had also spent his days in this hotel.

3. The Ritz

History of hotels in London is incomplete without mentioning this hotel, The Ritz. More than hundred years ago, this hotel was made by the legendary and famous hotelier Cesar Ritz. Now, the Ritz is owned by the Barclay Brothers and is situated at the Piccadilly opposite to Royal Academy of Arts.

2. The Savoy

The Savoy is one of the most expensive hotels in London. The location of this hotel is its peculiarity as it is situated very close to the famous Trafalgar Square. The Savoy was originally owned by the Cesar Ritz. The per night expenses of this beautiful 5 star hotel are $500.

1. Claridge’s Hotel

Claridge’s Hotel is one of the most luxury hotels in the world. This hotel is almost a historic hotel in the London as it is rendering its services prior to the World War II. It would be surprising to note that the Claridge’s Hotel was the home of leaders during the catastrophic 2nd world war. It is the only hotel in London having privilege to host the Queen’s guest when Buckingham Palace over crowded. The visitors to London should stay at Claridge’s Hotel if they want to enjoy luxurious atmosphere and have enough money to spend.