Top 10 Killer Tattoo Ideas For The Modern Woman

Top 10 Killer Tattoo Ideas For The Modern Woman
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Gone are the days when tattoos were associated with a cult, gang, or ritualism. In fact, a few decades ago, anyone flaunting a tattoo was most likely associated with being rebellious. However, in modern times, tattoos are simply a work of art. People use them to express themselves artistically. Overtime different ideas have been developed. Nonetheless, the following are the 10 best tattoo ideas which are most popular for women:

10. Tattoo on Initials

As a way of showing how much they love their names, ladies will have the initials tattooed on the body. Some may use basic text, while others add flare by incorporating some images. For instance, a tattoo on a bird carrying a banner bearing the initials may be used. The tattoos are also popular amongst lovebirds who want to be reminded of their deep affection.

9. Angel Tattoo

Women have always believed in the supernatural. One of the common beliefs is that of having a guardian angel always around you and ready to protect you. Angel figures are quite popular with young girls. The tattoo brings out a care free attitude as well as an outgoing character. The tattoos will be displayed on the arms, back as well as then chest region.

8. Bird Tattoos

Bird tattoo design makes women beautiful and at the same time brings out the carefree aspect. Birds are associated with a freedom as well as elegance. In addition, they also come in many colorful designs. Usually, a single bird is tattooed either standing on a branch or simply flying away.

7. Musical Notes

Tattoos on musical notes are usually associated with music artists. They are also well liked by women who are passionate about musical instruments. The tattoo symbolizes the strong connection as well as appreciation for music. Popular ideas include the G-clef, F-clef, the staff, musical instruments, DVDs, and much more. Common places for tattooing the designs include the lower back, upper arms, shoulder, and chest or even on the wrist.

6. Quote Tattoos

At times, life can get tough. Unfortunately, with scarcity of true friends or long distances, it becomes challenging to have a motivator or a shoulder to lean on. This need has led to women tattooing motivational or inspirational messages on their bodies. It may be pure text or may also come with some imagery.

5. Flowers

Women are known to have a soft spot for flowers. They associate flowers with blossoming beauty, fragrance and peaceful nature. In addition, flowers always raise their spirit and happiness. Women will therefore have their favorite flower tattooed on their back, wrist, neck, arms as well as their feet. Popular flowers include tulips, roses, carnations, lilies, hibiscus and more.

4. Astronomy Tattoos

Life is always about believing in something. This not only gives a woman a reason to live, but also hope for the future. In order to be reminded of this, women also tattoo images related with astronomy or celestial bodies. These may include stars, planets, signs of zodiac and much more. There is always a belief that the zodiac sign always uplifts the inner strength (chakra).

3. Lace Tattoos

Women are always known to love jewelry. They will adorn a necklace, bracelet, bangle, chain, pendant and other charms just to look beautiful. Well, lace tattoos have taken this idea to another level. A woman may have a tattoo composed of a chain of flowers, love symbols, music symbols, or writings done on the wrist, arm, neck, thighs, as well as the ankles.

2. Butterfly Tattoo

Looking around, it is unlikely to see a woman having a butterfly image. The tattoo design make women beautiful and also unique. Usually, the image will be placed on the chest or the neck. It is symbolic with a free spirited woman. A lady who is always ready to fly away and grasp new opportunities in life.

1. Star Tattoos

Star tattoos are quite popular with women. They will be done on the neck, arm, back or chest. It may be a single star just behind the ear lobes, or a constellation of stars on the back. The tattoo idea is associated with dreamers or people who are ambitious, probably following the common adage, “aiming at the stars.”

Tattoos have come a long way. The college girl, the ordinary mum, as well as a celebrity figure will be seen with one. Actually, having a tattoo is seen as being cool and trendy. While thinking of the 10 best tattoo ideas which are most popular for women, it is necessary to think of certain factors, for instance, the reason for doing so, body region, type of tattoo, as well as personality.