Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Moon 2018

Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Moon 2018
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First of all let’s talk about the origin of the moon that how this planet came into being. It is yet considered as mystery or an enigma before most of the people because they do not know about Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Moonthe creation of the moon. It is believed that the whole universe came into being though Big Bang Theory which states that millions of years ago there was a strong cosmopolitan destruction that occurred in this universe which resulted in planets, stars, galaxies and other life creatures on this planet. Moon is one of them and it is the nearest neighbor of the earth which revolves around the earth. Half-moon appears because of the revolving moon around the earth. In this article, you will get very interesting information in the form of top ten facts relevant to moon. Here are top 10 most interesting facts about moon.

10. Human Conquest over Moon

It is very interesting fact about the moon that human being made him able to step over the surface of the moon that was never happened before. Apollo II was the space shuttle that took American explorers to the surface of the moon where they flagged American flag on the moon.

9. No Life

There is absence of life on earth because there is no oxygen on moon which can produce life. Moreover, there is no air or any other gases so we cannot hear or speak on the surface of moon. This is said to be amazing fact about moon which is also gravity free. It is said that the atmosphere remain as black on the moon because there is no light.

8. Volcanic History

It has been reported that in 1994 the surface of the moon appeared very dark and the specimen was analyzed in the laboratory. It was revealed that volcanic history was reported in the surface of the moon which was supposed to have very ancient rock samples including magnesium, iron and copper.

7. Shape of the Moon

The shape of the moon is another fascinating fact. It is slightly oval in shape because when it was formed the inner core was full of liquid and whole liquid was pulled towards the earth making it slightly oval in shape. The surface of the earth is not smooth rather it is full of large holes and spots.

6. Twelve visitors of the Moon

Up till now, total 12 people have stepped over the surface of the moon. All these men were Americans and among these the first landing was made by Neil Armstrong who said golden words in the history of science. He said as “it is one small step of man but one giant leap of mankind”

5. Solar System Planet

The Moon is the fifth biggest moon in the Solar System. The moons larger than it are Ganymede and Calisto of Jupiter, Titan of Saturn and Io of Jupiter. The Moon is also larger than the dwarf planets Pluto and Eris. It is the 14th largest known object in the Solar System.

4. Fear of the Moon

Selenophobia is termed as the fear of the moon. It is a disorder which is found in some patient having nervous disorder. The moon reflects white light that creates aggression and hypersensitivity in some patients. Symptoms include trembling, sweating, ataxia and shivering.

3. Weaker Gravity

The gravity of the moon is 1/6 times less forceful as compared to the earth. If you throw a stone of the moon that it will fall in a slow motion as compared to the earth. The reason behind this is that the size of the moon is 4 times less than that of earth and thus it is less massive in weight.

2. Moonquakes

There is very limited number of moonquakes on the surface of the moon experienced by the first few visitors of the moon. The inner core is molten like the core of the earth but it very small in comparison with the core of the earth.

1. Tides in the Oceans

Moon is responsible for limited but noticeable tides in the oceans of the earth. However, the tides appear larger and smaller with the spinning of the moon around the earth. It is said to be directly proportional with the tide and thus generates an interesting fact.