Top 10 Interesting Facts about English Language 2018

Top 10 Interesting Facts about English Language 2018
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English has become the most widely used language in the world so everyone is working on Top 10 Interesting Facts about English Languageimproving his communication skills in English language. It is  a fact that English is widely spoken language but some facts about English language which are interesting because you are unaware of these facts about English language. We hope these facts will be useful for you in understanding language and you will feel proud while sharing these facts with your colleagues and friends. So we move towards list of top 10 most interesting facts about English language and if you have anything special about English language, do share it with us by commenting on this post.


“Screeched” is the longest one syllable word in English having nine letters of alphabet. This word means crying in a high pitch. It is most often used for women.


“Hungry” and “Angry” are only two words ending in gry.


The longest word with any vowel is “Rhythm” which has six letters of alphabet in it.


“The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick” is the toughest tongue twister. If you don’t agree to it then why not try it yourself.


“Skiing” is the only word having double “i” in it. Skiing is a recognized sports that is played in snow so whenever you watch it, do remember the fact about it.


The longest word in English with letters in alphabetical order is “almost” where as “One” is the word which consists of reverse alphabetical order letters.


The most used letter in English language is “E” and if you doubt you should count how many times “E” has been used in this post.


“Go!” is the shortest sentence which contains only one word of two letters but it requires proper punctuation to be considered as a complete sentence when written.


The longest word in English language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis which contains 45 letters. It is a disease causing inflammation in lungs.


The most used English word is “I” because everyone talking to others have to mention his/ her point of view by using this word.