Top 10 Interesting Facts about Brazil 2018

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Brazil 2018
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The complete name of Brazil is Federative Republic of Brazil which came into being on 15 Top 10 Interesting Facts about BrazilNovember 1889. It was a long journey by Brazilians towards independence as they were colonized in 1500 by Portuguese. Every country has its unique history so is the Brazil which has many things peculiar. We can not enlist all information about Brazil in 10 points there are certain facts about Brazil which will be interesting for you. These interesting facts will be fascinating for Brazilians also. Here are top 10 most interesting facts about Brazil.


Brazil is the second Soybeans producing country in the world. According to statistics, Brazil produces world’s 27% of Soybean.


Brazil is energy independent. In 2006, Washington Post also published an article on Brazil’s Road to Energy Independence.


Brazil has the most number of species of monkeys in the world. It is also said about Brazil that it has great biodiversity.


Brazil has second highest Christian population in the world. 90% of total population of Brazil is Christian.


Brazil is 5th largest country in the world by population. Its population is 193 million and these figures are official.


Brazil has second highest number of airports. The total number of airports in this country is 4,000.


Brazil has fourth largest road network in the world with 1,751,868km road length. Although it is next to China but with a huge margin.


Brazil is 5 times winner of FIFA World Cup. The years in which Brazil became World Champion of Football are 1958, 1962, 1994, 1970 and 2002.


If you are fond of coffee then Brazil is the best place for you. Brazil is the best coffee producing country in the world because its climate best suits the cultivation of coffee. When it comes to quantity, Brazil also takes lead in this regard.


In Brazil, you will find people community with each other in Portuguese more often that is why it is has most number of Portuguese speakers than Portugal which makes it largest Portuguese speaking country. You should also know that Brazil is the only Portuguese speaking country in the Americas. More than 190 million Portuguese speaking people are located in Brazil which is almost double than Portuguese speaking in Portugal.