Top 10 Impressive Faces Tennis Players 2017

It has been found that impressive faces are found everywhere regardless of the profession and the career in which they appear before the media and the public. However, females are usually armed with a sensual and sentimental look in their sports. Similarly slim, smart and beautiful hot female tennis players are becoming prevalent in glamor industry for many months and they are also becoming role model in magazines, ads and newspapers. In other words, they have dual and dominating performance in their professional life. At one side, they are earning name in tennis and at the same time their sizzling figure keep your eyes focused on them even for a long moment.

Top 10 Impressive Faces Tennis Players

All the photos of hottest female tennis players are taken from tennis court. Here we have composed a top 10 list of hottest and sexiest tennis players for our visitors. Just be ready for hot tennis celebrities photos.

10. Anna Chakvetadze

Chakvetadze is the Russian female tennis star and quite handsome in overall appearance particularly her smile is really a cool shout in the media. It was her attractive beauty that a director from Hollywood offered her a career in film industry but she appeared in a single movie named One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

9. Sania Mirza

The famous Indian Sania Mirza has been remained as the hottest tennis star during the times when there was huge cry for her. She married to the Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik who is middle order batsman. Sania is the representative of the Asian beauty in the hottest female tennis players.

8. Tatiana Golovin

The Russian Golovin has unique looks that differentiates her from all her competitors. She falls in the category of hottest tennis stars and yet she has hastened her succeeding. This charismatic hot tennis star stopped playing tennis due to her severe back ache but no one can forget her sexy look.

7. Victoria Azarenka

Victoria is among those players who possess the spirit of sportsmanship from the beginning of their professional life. At her initial stage of career, she won the gang slam tournaments and accelerated her winning momentum at same pace.  She is Belarusian in origin and the first Belarusian to win Grand Slam title in single. She recently won 2012 Australian Open single title and is ranked as number 1 female tennis player in the world.

6. Daniela Hantuchova

She is on the main title of the magazine Sports illustration and ESPN breaking out news.  She belongs to Slovakia and has relatively thin body. She has elongated extremities that make her innocent and pretty. Since 1999, she is playing tennis as a professional player. She has not won any Grand Slam title since 2005.

5. Ana Ivanovic

Serbian tennis star, Anna has been nominated for 11 WTA titles during her speedy and professional career. She is the best looking female tennis player ever seen in among the female tennis players because she had an aggressive style of performance that diverts the attention of public. Many times, she has been nominated for Sony Ericson WTA awards. This hot tennis player lives in a romantic country, Switzerland.

4. Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline also managed herself to be in the top ten female tennis players of all time. Although she did not attain a gigantic achievement yet she is adorable and possesses a number of fans and followers. She has been uplifted by various sponsorships advertisements and ads including Adidas, Rolex, Sony Ericson that claim her beauty and appealing personality.

3. Maria Kirilenko

Maria Kirilenko is a hot female tennis star who has won the title of WTA single tournament in 2005. She was the winner of USA junior tennis tournament. She was the queen girl in the swimsuit 2009 edition. Her facial expressions and creamy skin is seductive in appearance.

2. Anna Kournikova

Anna is a retired tennis star but yet her presence is alive in the heart of the people who love to watch her in sizzling photo shoots and magazines. She has signed a video contract with the Enrique who has taken her to the extreme of heights and fame. The FHM has scored her to be the sexiest woman in the world in 2002. Her cuteness and delicate smile made many fans in the world.

1. Maria Sharapova

The superstar Russian female tennis player is slim and smart beauty girl in her sports. At the moment, she has been ranked at second position in her career rivals. Among her achievements are 27 WTA single titles and these lead her to stand at world’s top order. She has performed as model for various advertisements and magazines. Her sexy look can be seen on titles and covers of those magazines and she is the hottest female tennis player.


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