Top 10 Most Funny iPhone Text Message Fails 2018

Top 10 Most Funny iPhone Text Message Fails 2018
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Expensive mobiles like iPhone has the feature in SMS settings that enable to you reconsider Top 10 Most Funny iPhone Text Message Failsyour own writings by providing the function of self-correction of text messages. Although, you enter a correct statement but yet there are some mistakes which are unintentionally made by the service provided in the iPhone. These are usually recalled as the most funny iPhone text message fails in the world of fun and are usually associated with the chat history. Funny language and the participating characters also become the source of pleasure and enjoyment and you can share it with your friends and fans as a purpose of entertainment. Check out the following top 10 collection.

10. What you Want?

Here comes the other hilarious funny repetition of the category named iPhone text message fails. The mother of the son asks about the dinner dish. The boy replies that he has already told her that what really he wants to eat but infect he did not reply her. The error was just due to the iPhone resurrections. It stands at 10th position in collection of most funny iPhone text fails.

9. Modeling

If you want to send a free text message then the auto correct problem really interfere your SMS and look like great obstacle in your way out. The suggesting spelling mistake and inappropriate words make you entertain word by word. These kind of messages surely let you know that iPhone does not work well in required kind of situations.

8. Girlfriend Bath

Be ready to see another example of iPhone text message fail in a little bit concise conversation between two lovers. I bet you that you must want that nasty feature of iPhone to shut up forever but yet it comes again to irritate you.

7. Bottles

Here is another masterpiece of fun and amusement. There runs a chat between a boy and girl but a misunderstanding leads to a great iPhone text message failure. This is really very funny if you start reading the text with concentration from the beginning. See the text image below.

6. Boyfriend

The girlfriend inquired about the seductive kind of act at the boy friend’s home but the boy imagines that her girlfriend is asking to do the same with the cat. The girl in return writes the alphabets WTF. It is not necessary that you have to make rectifications by the iPhone but you can do the same by yourself but people are lazy in this matter.

5. Bestiee

Here it goes without any aim and senseless writing at a funny text message of iPhone. You can consider well that the arguments and statements make no sense and just present a piece of funny chuckles for the readers. The justification made at the beginning by the sender is very pleasurable and jolly.

4. Spiders

The boy sent a funny iPhone text message to her girlfriend and tells her that he was almost going to die with the sudden bite of a poisonous spider that was found in her shampoo. The failed sent items of iPhone again showed hilarious writings as shown below. Do you think so spiders really act so nasty to kill a man?

3. How was your day?

In a text message at iPhone, the mother asks about his son about the progress of all day long. He replied in an auto correct text message of the iPhone that what kind of sexy question you were inquiring about me and who said you to ask me that question. Guys, it was indeed an iPhone text message fail.

2. Narwals

Look at the following funny iPhone text message fails. What did you deduce from the message? Does it look like to be a good answer or response of the word “Hello or Hey.” There are various other such kinds of funny failed text messages that you wouldn’t want to see at your iPhone.

1. Halloween Costumes

Here comes the Halloween costumes, let me ask you clearly that does it sound ironically and evidently as funny fail text messages? The edited text provides a huge laughter after reading and sounds very entertaining in assuming what it should to be. Here you can understand well how really funny is this service is.