Top 10 Most Funny Exam Answers 2018

Top 10 Most Funny Exam Answers 2018
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Fun and exams are tightly bound to each other and sometimes both elements are considered Top 10 Most Funny Exam Answersinter dependable in student’s life. Where we have the education in a school, college or university there is a plenty of space for the fun. Exams and papers are held to judge the analytical skills of students but perhaps, for few students these are funny piece of paper work. When you are having serious exam questions and answers these in a hilarious and unpredicted way, ultimately these answer sheets become funny work sheets for students, youngsters and particularly for kids. However, at the same time similar comical answers can make an examiner furious. We hope that you feel light after reading these funny exam answers. Let’s enjoy the following most funny exam answers by college students.

10. Puberty

What happens to a male when he gets to the age of puberty? The student writes a funny answer as “He says goodbye to his childhood and enters in adolescence.” Likewise, there are many other similar examples in which students get rid of unknown questions and make fun of these things.

9. Free Press

Describe the term free press? The student wrote an answer to the examiner as “When your mother pressed cloths for you, it was a sort of free press for you.” It is the kind of funniest exam answer in which you cannot help laughing but side by side it can make the examiner angry.

8. Speedometer

It was asked in an examination paper that if a man was driving car by increasing speed after equal intervals of time repeatedly? Was he getting more and more speedy or not? The answer was written as, “You have better idea to check speedometer.” Indeed, it was the most funny exam answers among all of the above.

7. Hell

A student was asked to jot down the definition of a school in a single word. He wrote down as “Hell” in the given space for answer. Definitely, it would result in a quick laughter of the examiner. This funny answer shows that the kid never ever liked the school.

6. Science question

Can a man reproduce successfully with his one testicle? The student instead of answering in a scientific way wrote a statement as, “No, the second life partner will find such thing a nasty one.” The examiner remarked that it was nice try to write an appropriate answer but all in vain.

5. Literal meaning

There are various examples of those questions to which students grasp literal meanings. For example, there was indication in the examination paper as “Do not write your text on this paper.” The student wrote the funniest words as “your text” beneath the available plan space.

4. Determination of an expression

In a diagram, a boy was shown depicting the situation of injury. The question was written that tell us that the boy was unhappy, gloomy or surprised. The student made a very laughable answer in the given blank by writing that the student is ugly. The way student judged the expression is comical for us and we feel more pleasure to laugh at his stupidity.

3. Kristen is a girl

In an introductory class, an exam sheet with a snap was shown to the student in which the girl was standing and delivering a speech. The speech was formed like a bubble with an inserted equation about mathematics. The question was to prove that the Kristen is wrong but the shining student wrote as, “Kristen is a girl.”

2. Hard Water

The tutor asked a student to define and explain the term hard water. The student though of hard water for a while and being dull minded he suddenly spoke about the answer in a very hilarious way and said, “Sir, I have enough hard water in my freezer at home and write ice in the given space.” The teacher ironically admired the analytical ability of the student.

1. Comments about the teacher

A routinely used evaluation performa was given to a student to fill the remarks about the teacher. In this section, student wrote a funniest answer rather than reporting a suitable answer. The student found immense pleasure to stay in class and wrote “I want to stay in the class forever, it is heaven for me.”