Top 10 First People to Join Facebook 2018

Top 10 First People to Join Facebook 2018
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Facebook is the largest social website in the world connecting more than 900 million people across the world.

Top 10 First People to Join Facebook

Indeed, latest surveys and rankings have declared Facebook as one of the top most likely social Top 10 First People to Join Facebooknetworking website of the modern e-world. Not only people, but also business firms are using this website for the purpose of their promotional activities and advertisement. Here, we have formulated the list of first ten people who have joined this growing social networking site. These people have got the privilege to follow the Mark Zukerburg, the founder of Facebook, who is the obviously first user of the Facebook. Here is the list of top 10 first people who joined Facebook.

10. Mark Kaganovich

Mark Kanganovich was a student from the famous Harvard University. He had many acquaintances who were the early users of the Facebook. It is reported that he himself had came to know about the Facebook from his friend David Hammer. Unfortunately, David Hammer did join the Facebook but later that’s why he cannot be among first 10 users of Facebook. He has 893 friends on his Facebook account. He does not have a cover photo on his profile.

9. Colin Kelly

Colin Kelly, again, was a friend of David Hammer. It would be interesting to note that the Colin Kelly was one of the group members of David Hammer and Mark. He did join the Facebook on 9th counting. He is also Harvard graduate. He has 42,910 subscribers on Facebook and he also does not have a cover photo.

8. Andrew McCollum

Andrew McCollum, another Harvard Student, was one of the close friends of the founder of Facebook Mark Zukerburg. He has been studying operating System. Andrew McCollum was the guy who has been given the task of designing Facebook logo. His Facebook account does not give any information regarding him as he has made it private.

7. Chris Putnam

Chris Putnam is the graduate from Georgia University and he is the first who joined the Facebook outside the Harvard. It was believed that he is a hacker but it was not the reality. He has account at the 7th spot. Later on, Facebook administration hired him for his technological talents.

6. Soleio Cuervo

Soleio Cuervo was a Harvard Student and he is also from the friends group of the David Hammer. On his request, Soleio joined the Facebook. After completion of his studies, he has been hired in the administration of Facebook and was assigned the duty to deal with the affairs of “Like” button.

5. Marcel Georgs Laverdet II

Marcel Georgs was also thought to be hacker. He has been studying in LSU and had no connections in Harvard. It is said that he got the id on Facebook by hicking. Later on, he was given an offer to join Facebook team but he refused to do so because of some personal issues.

4. Arie Hasit

Arie Hasit has nothing to do with the administration of Facebook. He was just a friend of David Hammer. On his request, he joined the social networking site Facebook and become one of the first top ten users of the Facebook. He has 77,871 subscribers on Facebook.

3. Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz, again the friend of David Hammer and roommate of founder of Facebook. It has been said that the Dustin is also the co-founder of the Facebook as three students were in plan of making the Facebook. He is also very conscious about his personal information so he has hidden it on Facebook profile.

2. Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is also one of the propagators of the idea of Facebook. He is the one from Harvard and has been a close mate of Zukerburg and David Hammer. He joined the Facebook on spot 2. He is an active member of this social networking website and has given every bit of information on his profile. His profile at Facebook is more like a CV.

1. Mark Zukerburg

Mark Zukerburg was the founder of Facebook and is the first person who joined Facebook. His profile id is 4. Surprised? Actually, he himself made first 3 accounts to check whether the site is working properly or not. He has 16 million subscribers on his own website. No other man on Facebook has more subscribers there so it is an honor for first user of Facebook.