Top 10 Facts about Life 2018

Top 10 Facts about Life 2018
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Life can be defined as the most beautiful way of spending days. Whenever we get up early in the morning we began to spend our whole day with the prescribed schedule, like working in Top 10 Facts about Lifethe office, doing medical practice and when the sun sets, we get back to our home. This experience involves many enteritis that keep you smiling with the hope of love, hope, aspiration and affection received from your friends and relatives. There are various facts about life through which you can save the life of your near and dear. We have to keep ourselves brave and strong enough to cope the challenges and obstacles of life because these things would make you desperate up to maximum extent. Just read the following facts about life so that you may prepare yourself to move away from disappointment. Share your views about life as being a human.

10. Donate Blood

If you know about the value and biology of blood then you will be well aware of this fact. You can donate your own blood to the patient who is in the urgent need of your blood but there must be a perfect match of blood groups. A positive individual can only donate blood to the A positive blood group and in this way you can save the precious life of dying people.

9. Racial Differences

A lot of people are living in this planet occupying different regions and areas. Likewise Europeans, Asians, Africans and other tribal area people are different from each other. These differences include in religion and color as well as in complexion. Facial features are also different in these races because they belong to different culture and habitat. This is very interesting fact pertaining to the life of human beings.

8. Emotions

It is said that reacting to someone or to show response to something is found in the human life. Man and woman’s life is equipped with strange emotions like happiness, sorrow, excitement, passion, devotion and greed. These emotions maintain he life of our near and dear as well as make the society in a very balance state but the most impressive one is the feelings of love.

7. Suicide Attempts

What would you if the circumstances and conditions pertaining to your life has made you very congested minded. Definitely m you will move towards suicide attempt because poverty is a very dangerous thing to have in your life. Men and women terminate their own life by self-killing through various hearts shocking means. These means render in quick death and end the life of humans.

6. Ethnicity

Ethnicity refers to racial inequalities and differences which exist in different people belonging to different regions. If your friend has donated his own kidney to the needy one then he will be treated as unequal in front of other people who do not have done the same thing. These things always make you feel sad and unhappy but you have to accept the bitter fact of life.

5. Organ Donators

In this life, men and woman can donate their organ to the diseased patient who is in the urgent need of it. For example, if your both kidneys are working well then you can donate your one kidney to that patient who has damaged kidney and cannot dialyze blood and serum from toxic materials, your donation can save the life of the affected patient and God will be happy from your hobble work.

4. Stem Cells

Medical researchers anticipate stem cells to play an important role in the future treatment of stroke, diabetes, spinal cord injury, blindness, deafness, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis and cancer.

3. Genital Diseases

Contagious and killing diseases like AIDS, Syphilis and other ailments like these can be transferred through direct sexual contact other than your life partner. These are incurable and will lead you towards smooth killing and ending your life at once.

2. Life Donation

You can save the life of other people through the donation of primary organs such as liver and heart. There is no substitute of these organs and you will have to sacrifice yourself for the love of your relatives.

1. Truth and Lies

In the real fact of life these are said to be the golden rules because of spending a most reliable life with strong relations otherwise this bond can be broken down.