Top 10 Facts about Earth 2018

Top 10 Facts about Earth 2018
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Earth is our home planet where all the creatures live in harmony to maintain the cosmopolitan ecosystem of the world. There are various happenings and incidents that seem very peculiar and appear strange before the face of a human being. These strange things are not kept hidden by nature but infect these occur in their rhythmic and cyclic pattern to amaze the world of human beings. All the blessings of God indicate the strength and perfection of the God in each and every aspect. If we began exploring the science of nature then we cannot stop ourselves but instead we keep on moving to find other products. For example, the solar system is itself a very surprising chapter in which earth is the only planet where we can live with the help of oxygen. Likewise following are the top 10 facts about earth that make us surprise.

10. Four Season

The earth revolves around the sun and as the angle of earth changes, we experience different season with respect to time and date. There are four distinct season throughout the world where people live.

9. Atmosphere

There are four layers that wrap around the earth and these include the mesosphere, thermosphere, ionosphere and troposphere is the closest layer near the earth at a distance of 4 miles.

8. Space Dust

Scientist and space specialist assume that our earth receives more than 1000 tons of dust annually from the space an air in which dust particles are entangled.

7. Azizia

Azizia is an interesting fact about our planet that will make you still for a moment. There are various places in world that appear very hot in the summer but Azizia is the hottest place ever existed on earth with a temperature of 57 centigrade. The temperature was recorded on this place in July 1922 at which the summer season usually seen to be at its peak.

6. Lake Baikal

It is the deepest and most shallow lake present on our planet and this fact can make you very surprise that it has with of 30 miles, depth of two miles and a ;length of 400 miles. Its dimensions are not only amazing but the criteria at which we can speculate this lake to be the largest is fairly amazing.

5. Mountains

Mountains are the miracle of God almighty and we can see the huge and zigzag Mountains which are built up in a systemic pattern to remind us about the natural gifts. These continuous rows of mountains consist of Humalaias, Undus and Kirakram. For every 1000 feet increase in height then temperature would fall from 1 to 2 degree centigrade. This is another surprising fact about the earth that can never be denied.

4. Core of Earth

The center of the Earth is known as core which exists as molten not solid state. This means that it is liquid rock which sometimes erupts onto the surface through volcanic eruptions. This liquid eruption from the mountains and the surface of the earth is known as the volcano which is too hot to touch. This core is 7,500°C hotter than the surface of the Sun.

3. Caspian Sea

It is the largest inland sea which is present between the border of Iran and Russia. It is the only sea which is commonly called as lake due to presence of inner land of sea.

2. Sahara Desert

Do you know that most part of our earth contains deserts? Among these deserts, Sahara desert is supposed to be the largest desert of African subcontinents which make 1/3 of Africa. It is constantly spreading out in all directions and it is believed that it may encompass the area of United States within next few years.

1. Salty Oceans

Almost 70% of the earth is covered with water which in turn comprises of oceans, sea, rivers and lakes. There is a large amount of salt concentration in the water that is present on our earth. If we start evaporating the whole water from the earth then there would be large amount of salt remain on the earth out of which we can make fivefold concentration of each thing. This is a very interesting fact about the earth.