Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in the World 2018

Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in the World 2018
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Laptop is the need of modern world and it is very difficult to survive in this world of hi-tech without such a latest and useful technology. Laptops are luxurious form of computers. There Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in the Worldare many laptops that we can see daily in our daily life. Normally, famous brands for the laptops are Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony or Apple. However, more interesting thing is those laptops are not only the system of technology that is to be used but also is an asset when it is of such a peculiar price. There are many changes that can make your laptop one of the most expensive laptops of the world. The expensive laptops are world’s most luxurious laptops. Elite of the world likes to have luxurious things and same is the case with laptops. We enlist top 10 most expensive laptops of the world here.

10. Acer Ferrari 1100

This is a light weight laptop with wear resistant carbon fiber chassis. Desirable specification of the laptop makes it popular in the market. Acer Ferrari is a simple laptop with high specification and high performance. This expensive laptop by Acer is available at the cost of $3,000. The price is not much so many users want to have it as their personal laptop. It can be seen in the hands of businessmen because they can afford to have such an expensive laptop.

9. Dell M6400

The dell is a major computer producer company. This laptop from the house of Dell is real a powerful in its use. This laptop has an additional quality i.e. 1GB of graphics memory which makes it a good laptop for watching movies and playing games but buyers of this laptop does not buy it for gaming purpose because there are plenty of other laptops which are best suited for games. This high performance laptop can be purchased in affordable price of $3,000.

8. Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660

Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV660 is a laptop with 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo and 240 GB HDD is a good system along with a good HD DVD player. This is more a entertainment laptop with Nvidia GeForce 7600 graphic card and costs about 3500 dollars. Its 17 inches screen makes it a huge laptop so if you are interested in watching movies on laptop then it is very amazing option.

7. Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS

Besides normal screen size and formal looks, this laptop is loaded with Core 2 Quad Extreme and 4GB of RAM. This system is also an up-to-date technology features that are essential while doing the tasks of 21st century. Lenovo is not considered to be the producer of costly laptops but it has one in the list of luxurious laptops. The price of 7th most costly laptop is $4,500.

6. Alienware Area 51

This laptop can also be use for the hardcore gaming. This slim and stylish laptop is full of advance technology and high graphic resolution. This system is loaded with Vista and you can also record HD TV. The price of most expensive Alienware laptop is $ 5000.

5. Xtreme Rock SL8

This is the fastest laptop in the world with Intel Core 2 Quad Processor and 8 GB of RAM. This fastest laptop costs $5000 and is best for gamers for its performance. Its Blue Ray function makes videos worth watching so HD videos on this laptop will give better results.

4. Voodoo Envy H: 171

This laptop is far different than Ego. This has style and efficiency at the same time. Very advanced graphic designs and high performance mother board, the system is also operated by the 4 GB of built-in memory. Available in 24 different chassis, the price of this costly laptop is just $8,500.

3. Ego for Bentley

This laptop is not high in its performance but even then it is very expensive and can be purchased for $20,000. Very low specifications like 64 bit operating system and 160 GB Hard Disk Drive is really not something worth so high price. Very few people will be interested in buying such a laptop.

2. Tulip E-Go Diamond

Tulip describes itself as the most luxurious and desirable notebook in the world. Its price is $3,55,000. Its shape is like the shape of woman’s hand bag and this laptop is most liked by women. This laptop’s skin is also made up of leather with stylish shape.

1. Luvaglio

This is the most expensive laptop of the world with the price of $10,00,000. The most different thing about this laptop is that customers can customize it by making choice of the precious metals and leathers along with 128GB solid state drive. This is one of the rarest laptops in the world because of its price. Luvagilo is not just the name of laptop but it is a company as well. The company has only one laptop and it is assumed that this laptop will remain the most expensive laptop of the world for a long period of time.