Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in the World 2018

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in the World 2018
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Home sweet home is the lovely place where you born, brought up and spend the rest of entire life. Everyone wants to have the most expensive house where one can lead a luxurious life. People love their home very much because of the prolonged association with it and furthermore they are protected by the four walls of their house from the harsh environment as well as the enemy. No matter, whatsoever the size of house you have, it is the natural fact that you furnish it with care and love to make it more adorable and fancy. It is also a pretty good idea to visit the most expensive houses of the world and evaluate about their interior rooms, designs, external look and ultimately the material that is used to build that kind of gigantic and costly house. Some homes in the world are really expensive and those expensive homes are in this list. Now here it goes with the following names and description.

10. Maison de l’Amitie

Similar to other one this house also accommodates each and every luxuriousness and modern facilities. The total broadened area of the house covers 80,000 square feet which in turn contain tennis house, guest house and long swimming pool. Its worth makes it 10th most expensive home in the world.

9. The Manor

The famous TV producer of the Hollywood built this house with a cost of $130 million. The house features the most expensive components of the world in its interior construction resulting in 3 kitchens, a spacious dining hall and 41 bedrooms.

8. Hala Ranch

This most expensive masterpiece construction of Colorado is dedicated to the Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul-Aziz who was the ambassador to USA. The worthy cost value is $135 million. This luxurious house comprises of tennis court, 27 bedrooms and a car wash area.

7. Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)

The Bran is somewhat more appreciably called as the gold of ancient heritage of Romania. The castle was basically built as a purpose of hindrance for the Turkish army yet the handcrafted designs of 1600 s. it has been a focused spot for the various tourists of the world. The exterior appearance of the castle is handsome. The total estimated cost is $140 billion.

6. The Pinnacle, Montana

 The featuring wine cellar and a heated driveway are the remarkable component in this most expensive house of the world. There are message rooms and a relax room provided with modern facilities. In addition to this, 10 bathrooms are there along with floors equipped with heat sensors to provide the warmth to your feet according to the variation of seasons.

5. Elena Franchuk’s Victorian Villa

As apparent by the name, the Elena Franchuk is a female celebrity of Ukraine, probably suffering from human acquired immune deficiency syndrome. She bought the house who thought to be the most expensive house in the London eastern territory. The villas include indoor swimming pools, sauna, gym, panic room and a sweet entertain hall for the children. It has a money value of $161 million.

4. William Randolph Hearst’s Mansion

The famous president John F. Kennedy stayed in the Mansion to spend the momentous moments of his honeymoon. It is owned by a famous film character named William Randolph Hearst who played the nominal role in the Citizen Kane and Godfather. The house consist of 29 bedrooms, a disco club and 3 swimming comprising a total cost of $165 million.

3. Updown Court

Updown Court

It is magnificent house among the world’s most expensive houses of the present time. It covers the area of 40,000 square feet and covering 103 well decorated rooms. Furthermore, a movie theater furnished with 50 seats and a large area of five swimming pools make the house a well quoted example.

2. The Penthouses at One Hyde Park

The foreign minister of the Gulf state, Qatar, named Sheikh Hamad who dared to buy this exotically oriented house in London. The promising features include the security breach system equipped with automatic alarm. Some of the house apartments are at rents which are too costly much to be considered. The location of the Hyde Park is fascinating in appearance and quite admirable. Regarding the cost of the house, usually more than $200 million have been utilized for its construction.

1. Antilla

Mukesh Ambani built this superior masterpiece house by expense of $500 million. He is an Indian trader and falls at number 7 to be the richest man of this world. He had 3 children and a wife as a dweller of this 27 story house. This marvelous house is the most expensive house of the world ever seen and established. Parking grounds, entertainment hall, guest hall, dining hall are decorated in an extremely grander way to catch the attention of your eyes. It is located in Mumbai and a staff of 600 is always there for its maintenance. Antilla is the most expensive home in the world till now but with the passage of time we are looking forward to see more expensive homes.