Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in America 2018

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in America 2018
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Home sweet home is an old and well saying by a home lover for his home. We have our homes and we try our best to keep it neat and clean with each passing moment of time. There are various homes of different kinds throughout the world but those located in America are of significant nature and price. They look totally different at bird’s eye view and attract the viewers. People used to look for those homes which are comfortable, airy, spacious, well decorated and located at a nice and cool place. Homes usually impart solace and contentment to your soul and mind regardless the size and its price. The under given homes of USA will enable you to estimate the total prices. Have a look at top 10 most expensive homes in United States of America.

10. Madison Ave Townhouse

This is seen story building and offers a wide range of exotic life for all age groups. Most of the family arrangement is said to be the best at this housing facility but it requires highly paid money.

9. Wehba Mansion

The Wahba Mansion is currently sprawled over 32,000 square feet of area with a demand price of 52 million US dollars. The house was occasionally called as the house of mirrors because interior designing was carried out using mirrors.

8. Hala Ranch

It is located in Colorado, a state of ISA where rich communities used to reside to spend their worthy moments of life. Just like others, the house is costly, exotic and well air conditioned. The house is surrounded by the beautiful greenery that keeps you cool and calm for the rest of your life.

7. Versailles

This is the most expensive property in the United States that owns many spacious rooms and entertainment halls. It is said that there are more than 22 rooms, 23 bathrooms, a table tennis hall, exercise club and kid’s entertainment hall. You must have more than 19 million US dollars in your bank account to buy this grand house.

6. Frank Woolworth Estate

The 19 million US dollar is the price value of this house which has been built by a famous celebrity of the America and subsequently auctioned to her three daughters. This is located in the paradise state of Marhattan which is beautiful and specifically oriented for landlords and aristocratic societies. It has tough competition with other houses of the same state and yet comes at this number.

5. Spelling Manor

Spelling Manor is supposed to weight a price worth of 15 million US dollars and this gigantic house covers special features and areas for the luxurious and lavish life style. There are more than 150 rooms and each room is well furnished and equipped with handsome facilities. The famous TV producer Tony Spelling’s Widow has purchased this house.

4. The Manor

Holimdly Hills have the owner to have such kind of marvelous and highly costly house to spend a safe and sound and lovely life in America. It is located in California and carries around 4.5 acre area which is supposed to have multidecorated compartments and sections. It has bathrooms, halls, cinema, gym and a large car parking zone for 100 cars. This is a kind of mystery land that has all the necessary facilities.

3. Fleur de Lys

It is also located in the sunny and hot place of California which is known as believer town in America. It has slight resemblance with eh white house of America. The house contains 12 bedrooms and parking area for almost 80 cars. The house has its own swimming pool along with 40 bathrooms. The location gives you best scenes at hill station and the price value touches the range of 35 billion US dollars.

2. Hearst Mansion

This expensive master piece house is located in the state of California in USA. It cost a worth value of 165,000,000 US dollars and you will have to spend whole day long to visit and explore the compartments of the entire house. The total space carried out by this house is 60,645 square feet. The house presents a superb piece of construction and looks awesome.

1. Tranquility

Tranquility is the place where you feel comfort at all time. As indicated by the name, this is the house which has been ranked as the top most expensive in the United States of America. The total area of the house is 210 acre which is well spread and decorated with arts of different specimens. Art house, pavilion, studio, cinema and sports club are also located in this territory which help you in getting more and more enjoyment.