Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries to Live in 2018

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries to Live in 2018
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Today, we are living in the world of competition where every realm is found combating with the other one promoting the phenomena called “survival of the fittest.” If a country has lose and weak economic status then the other one would definitely dominate over that country. Thus, a republic must have strong defense and democracy to ensure protection in each and every kind of category. No doubt, political and democratic parties of a nation do whatever they can do for the prosperity and sovereignty of their nation. Nevertheless, supreme powers like China and America have strength of their words and statements that caution the other countries.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries to Live in 2017

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries to Live

No one wants to live in worst conditions but people have because they are citizens of world’s worst countries. In this post, we have aligned a list of top 10 most dangerous countries of the world for the year 2013 on the basis of crime rate and insecurity of life.

10. Brazil

The society class difference has resulted in a major conflict in Brazil. There are only very poor to very rich individuals and no intervening middle class. The high street crime rate is due to poverty in Brazil which makes it 10th most dangerous country in the world in 2013. Law enforcement agencies have also been attacked by terrorists which threatens the life of citizens of Brazil. It has accelerated crime rates i.e. four times higher than USA.

9. Russia

Russia is another realm among the top most dangerous countries of the world due to highest kidnapping incidents and ongoing violent killings and murders. Although, it has the highest wheat production and a fair gross domestic product but the crimes at individual levels surely destabilize the whole society.

8. United States of America

America is known to be the supreme power of this world. The USA claims to have the vote of Vito in the United Nations. Thus, it has the authority to deny or accept an international action made by the UN official National Assembly. Kashmir issue, Iraq war, Japan conflict and Pak-US relations are the salient issues that currently America is dealing and focusing. After 9/11 attacks people of United States are afraid of these type of attacks. It goes without saying that USA is one of the most dangerous places of the world.

7. Iraq

Iraq was remained as target country for the USA as the later one proclaimed to take the responsibility of stabilizing the Iraq democracy. But unluckily, the USA army intruded the Iraq and killed the Saddam Hussein and this act has initiated a huge and unending civil war, suicide bombs and target killing. Kurdish rebels have also made worrisome situations in Iraq. The post-war scenario in Iraq is not different from the condition during war. Iraq was ruled by Saddam Hussain for several years who which was a dictatorial regime. Despite the richness in oil and natural resources, Iraq is not a good country to have residence in 2013. There are numerous terrorist groups in Iraq including Al-Qaeda. The religious insurgence is also an issue in Iraq for Shia Muslims.

6. Pakistan

Pakistan is the only Islamic state with atomic power to make silence its intended enemy. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been trapped in USA drown attacks. As, the Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden was found in Abbottabad operation, after that the America has begun to put a close eye on the social and political activities within Pakistan. Moreover, the situation within the country itself is miserable and unsatisfactory. Pakistanis are really afraid of drone attacks by NATO forces.

5. Afghanistan

This country comes quite closer in the top most dangerous countries of the world because the famous antisocial and terrorist organization named Al-Qaeda home town is said to be in Afghanistan for many years. The suicide bomb attacks are the usual kind of killing attempts in Afghanistan after the invasion of US army over there. The Taliban forces along with Al-Qaeda are giving tough time to troops send by NATO and local armed forces. The lives of NATO soldiers is in constant danger in Afghanistan. It is really hard to live there for US soldiers too that is why President Obama has said it several times that will call troops back soon.

4. South Africa

South Africa reminds us about the Mr. Coffey Annan, the former United Nations General. It does not mean that country is quite stabilized but the street crimes and minor killing attempts are increasing day by day which is alarming for the country. It has been regarded as the top rape country of the whole world. Most of the developing foreigners go there to earn a handsome amount of money through their technical work. South Africa is not like other African countries in terms of wealth and prosperity but here is a drawback of living in this part of the world. The crime and murder rate is really very high in South Africa which makes it a dangerous place to live in 2013.

3. Somalia

God has bestowed many fascinating places to this country which have been found very attractive to the tourist. However, since the civil war in 1990, the most dangerous country is crushed in many destructive issues. Extremist attack and non-political strikes have created severe uncomfortable situation that might start a new civil war over there. The pirates of Somalia are very active to hijack ships. Due to high rate of piracy in Somalia, the waters of Somalia are one of the dangerous in the world to travel. Illegal fishing is also done in great deal. Mos of the illegal things are done in Somalia which makes it worst country to visit in 2013.

2. Israel

Israel is the stunning kind of nation in competing and combating the other strong political nations like America and Japan. It has been facing war issues with many other countries and we have often seen at the television that most dangerous countries like Israel have noticeable defense weapons and other destructive items in a well mentionable ratio. Be aware of the Ghaza and North West boundary that are most likely to be most dangerous places.

1. Syria

Syrian government has been facing the destabilization and deterioration of their state since 2 years yet the terrorist attack and antisocial movements of the civilians rendered many drastic changes in the country. The columnist and other intellectual personalities predict a civil war in Syria. Hence, Syria has made a position in the world’s most dangerous countries.