Top 10 Cutest Pets In The World To Have At Home 2018

Top 10 Cutest Pets In The World To Have At Home 2018
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Want to get a pet but do not know in which direction to head, especially since you might not have much time to care for him? Experts have created a top 10 of the cutest pets in the world. Here it is:

10. Small dogs

Expression is true is that a dog is man’s best friend. In general, the bond that forms between such animal and its owner is very strong since the first moments. It is a relationship based on true love and loyalty. A small dog is especially suitable pet for people who do not have very much time and space available, making it easier to maintain than larger breeds. If you stay in an apartment, you have to take him outside at least three times a day to make their needs. Out of small breeds, the easiest to raise are Chihuahua, Bichon, Terrier or Poodle. If you choose a dog breed, you have to take into account the visits to the vet because they are more sensitive and need to be slightly larger than the half-breeds are generally more resistant. Make them a daily meal program regularly and change the water constantly. Play with him while its still small and train it the whole time, taking care to reward him when he correctly executes commands.

9. Cats

Cats are one of the most common pets at home. Why? Because they are affectionate, you know how to banish loneliness and, according to studies, it helps you more easily get certain diseases.Cats are part of the top 10 pet easy to maintain, especially when they reach adulthood since then are quite independent. When they are still young have to pay more attention, especially to learn to make the litter box needs. However, once trained, you will have only joy and full day of pampering with your kitty. Cats are animals clean, quiet and accurate. They love to idle and sleep on average 16 hours so you do not have to worry too much as give you headaches with his games.

8. Rabbits

Have you thought to choose a rabbit as a pet? Bunnies are adorable beings, especially little timid at first, but gradually get used to your touches. Buy her a big enough cage space as you like. If you stay on the block, in summer you can take a pen on the balcony and where to move freely. Or make them a mesh cage if you stay in the yard. Put sawdust all over the cage and replace it regularly, otherwise you risk not mind the smell of urine. Once every two days you have to brush rabbit fur with a soft brush or a special glove. Also, you have to cut your nails or you can go to a vet’s care. When it comes to eating rabbits, we refer only to carrots. His diet must be version therefore includes grass, hay, vegetables (bell peppers, celery), greens (lettuce, cauliflower leaves, clover, cabbage, lettuce) and fruit (pears, apples). Avoid giving him your food (especially sweets). It is forbidden to give him raw potato as a food is toxic to rabbits. Do not forget to always fill the tank with fresh water.

7. Guinea pigs

A guinea pig is so cute with his fluffy fur! It’s small and you can block you without problems, no need to pull it out to make their needs and does not smell bad. Although it is a social animal and loves to be spoiled, there are cases (rare, that’s right) you can scratch. So be careful when you play with him not to bite with the front teeth. We recommend you choose a male because they are more affectionate and more plump.

6. Hamsters

The hamster is a great pet, very easy to maintain and is recommended especially if you live in an apartment building. You can choose between several species: Syrian hamster (golden), by far the most sympathetic of all, Chinese hamster, winter white Russian dwarf hamster, dwarf hamster Roborovski dwarf hamster Campbell and Russian. Hamster is a being small, fluffy, which has minimal care costs. It does not need much space and do not give off odors if she keep the cage clean once a week (especially if you change them shavings). This little guy is active mostly at night, which is just perfect: you can play with him in the evening when you come home from work or when you get kids to school and day do not have to worry about it because sleep all the time. To keep him busy, buy them for cage ramps that go up, all kinds of tunnels through which to slip, which turned to run or play ball with. Hamster needs exercise, so you can even buy her a ball in to put him tonight and let him go in the house. We investigate every inch of his box room with furniture! Hamster is a vegetarian animal, so you can feed on seeds, grains, salad, various vegetables (carrots, cabbage) and fruits (apples, avocados), and special food. And do not forget to always have a water tank in cage.

5. Birds

Well, birds are also part of our top 10 pets that are easy to care for. Do not need a lot of space, are good and friendly, though sometimes can make a lot of noise to show affection to you or the children. You can choose between parakeets, parrots and canaries. The canary is the least pretentious bird cage and the easiest to maintain. In addition, it is a solitary bird, which is the ideal thing if you want to buy only one. Take care to ensure their proper bird cage with different swings and ladders or special toys tanned leather. Position your a certain floor at a distance, in a bright place and kept away from drafts, away from windows. We need to clean the cage every week, because the bird was not sick. Remember: Moisture is enemy number one for the birds!

4.  Turtles

You can choose between a water turtle or one that lives on the ground, herbivorous or carnivorous. And the turtle is part of the top 10 cutest pets in the world to raise if you know to assure them from the beginning the best living conditions. Make sure you buy her an aquarium with enough room to move. Even though it is small in the beginning, with the increasing needs space to swim. Buy her a water filter to always be clean and have enough oxygen, especially if you’re busy and you can not change too often io. Decorate them at the beginning and an island of earth or sand on which to rest, or pieces of wood (fixed or floating). Keep aquarium in a bright place, the most appropriate is to put them over a UVA / UVB lamp. Depending on the species, adults eat two or three days, with special food from petshop’s, aquarium plants (algae), salad, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, clover, dandelion, alfalfa, worms, crickets or fish very Small live.

3. Lizards

Some lizards are easy to care for pets. They say bearded agama (bearded dragon) is the most friendly lizard and is among the most lovely pets to have at home. Agama is spoiled and loves to be touched, so it may be a lizard ideal for families with children. Depending on size, lizards need space. For example, if you choose a reptile young 25-30 inches long, experts recommend you buy a terrarium of 60-90 liters. Reptile’s container must be plastic, plexiglass or glass and necessarily with a lid tightly closed to prevent escape. Terraria will be evident vents and UV lamp. Do not forget to have inside various branches and pieces of wood that lizard can climb and other decorations where to hide. Walking can Lays paper towels, newspaper, reptile sand or gravel special tile. Lizards puppies need a diet of 80% animal and 20% vegetable prey and adults adopt a predominantly vegetarian diet. These reptiles eat worms, crickets, dandelion leaves (favorite lizard), leaves of cabbage and cauliflower, clover, peas, green beans, carrots, zucchini, fruits (bananas, apples, pears, watermelon, strawberries, figs, kiwi). Once every few days and need special supplements for reptiles.

2. Frogs

In other continents frogs became a common pet in homes, especially in Asia. The explanation is that they don’t cost a lot and have reduced living requirements. They only need some food every now and then and water for hydration purposes. They do need some little space, so a terrarium of about 1 meter with a little lake should be enough. It’s also to be noted that frogs generally don’t live for long, averaging 2 to 3 years. Thus, they will eventually need to be replaced. Nevertheless, they are cute to have.

1. Fishes

You have a very active life and spend more time in the office than at home? Then we recommend an aquarium fish because it is much easier to maintain. There are pets that require a lot of attention, but the fish has many advantages: they are easy to care for, do not feel as much affection as other pets can stay home alone when you go on vacation, do not make noise, are various species colored and can offer moments of relaxation. In addition, hair and leave no mess behind them! If you have experience with fish, experts recommend you take your first few guppy fry. They’re beautiful, unfussy and you can raise them in an aquarium with other species such as small size Xifo Molly neon zebra. Make sure the water is clean living as they are dependent on their environment.

What would you include in the top 10 cutest pets in the world? Tell us your opinion in the comment box below!