Top 10 Countries with Highest Literacy Rate in 2018

Top 10 Countries with Highest Literacy Rate in 2018
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Education teaches us how to behave, live and act in one’s life. If a nation or a country is surviving for many years then it is just because of the literacy rate of that particular nation. We Top 10 Countries with Highest Literacy Ratecan see many nations drowning in the ignorance and destructive changes appear in it due to many illiterate peoples. There are yet many reasons to support these arguments but one of the foremost important things are to equip ourselves with the latest developments and trends of the world so that we may not become similar prey of ruined nations. In this post, we are going to show you those top ten countries which are highest in their literacy rates and despite of this feature, those nations has introduced reforms in their economy and social setup to equalize and balance their gross domestic product. Let’s move towards top 10 countries with highest literacy rate in 2016.

10. Sweden

Sweden has remained the main point for free study for many years. It is very up to the mark to provide facilities to foreigners and other students to equip them with master and PhD education. The literacy rate is flourishing day by day with the advancement in the field of IT. Sweden is at 10th rank in countries with high literacy rate in 2013.

9. United Kingdom

Most of the Asian students have penetrated the state of UK for more than 20 years. Right now, it has become stuffed up with the college students and non-Europeans students. Student visa and immigration policies render the population of UK to boost up side by side the literacy rate has also maintained in a satisfactory timeline.

8. Finland

Finland had remained the big home for the free education and up till now most of the scavandian and Asian students have their graduation and post-graduation from Finland. There are maximum colleges and schools and students keep themselves engage with the literary societies and academic activities to spend their livelihood.

7. South Korea

The engineering, science and health sciences have attained peak level in the South Korea where research abilities are flying in colors among the scientist and student sectors. Interestingly, public funds contribute more than 59.6% on the universities and colleges to promote education and literacy rate.

6. Norway

The level of primary and secondary education is found to be maximum around graduates of this country where most of the people are not educated with postgraduates. The country spends more than of their GDP on the educational and learning institutions.

5. Australia

The gross domestic production per capita is 40, 176 dollars while the total population which has acquired post-secondary qualification almost falls around 39%. This country has maximum doctorate students and draws huge attention of the international students towards itself through Australian government scholarships. It has also highest literacy rate reaching up to 73%.

4. Japan

We are all well aware about the ever increasing population and GDP of Japan which seems to be very alarming but through proper channel they have managed to avoid instability in their country. Japan is the fourth country where literacy rate is considerably high unlike any other Asian country.

3. Israel

Israel is the only country where literacy rate is increasing day by day since the universities and colleges are accredited by the higher education commission of Israel. There are teenagers and youngsters who really keen and being motivated for higher education. Scholarship policies urge the students to pursue for higher education.

2. Canada

Canada is the second most developed country with highest literacy rate since its existence as independent state. The country has been blessed with more than 75% of literate people and out of this ratio most of the women have completed their graduate education while males have attained their post-graduation from various universities. The higher secondary schools are also full of students.

1. United States

The United States of America is ruling the world today and has gained enough patronage in the world. There are levels of education which must be fulfilled to determine the rate of literacy in a country. The USA has almost filled up both tertiary and secondary level of education despite gradual increase in population. You would hardly see any woman or man who is ignorant o did not having any kind of qualification. It shows their sophistication and discipline. The literacy rate in United States is the highest in 2013 as compared with other countries of the world.