Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World 2018

Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World 2018
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Cleanliness and sophistication of a nation or a country exhibit discipline of the people of that nation. We can assess the standard, progress and development of a country through its existing environment.

Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World

If the atmosphere and surroundings are polluted with dirt, unstructured roads, smell markets and muddy places then there is a need of infra-structure development Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the Worldand basic hygienic measures. These factors lead to infected people and diseased societies which are found to be very deleterious for the whole country. However, there are some countries which are very neat and clean and set up an example for the rest of nations. In this post about cleanest countries, Environment Performance Index score of almost all countries is mentioned but this list is not based on that. We have our own criteria to rank these countries. These countries are best for stay because of the clean environment. If you have plans of going for trip to any clean country then here are the top 10 cleanest countries. Let us have a brief review of world’s cleanest countries.

10. France

France has set up many standard cleanliness and purification methodologies to keep their environment and societies free from mud and dirt. Despite it is a populous country yet they have performance index of 87.8 and their ecosystem is nourishing day by day. When you have leisure to pursue then you must always have the opportunity to visit France and feel the romance of Paris.

9. Iceland

Iceland is an adorned European island located at confluence of North. It has a fresh and cool breathing atmosphere for its dwellers. People used to sooth their minds and souls by visiting the cleanliness of Iceland. It has environmental pollution index of 93.5 which is comparatively a smart figure. Moreover, according to free air pollution competition, it stood at top with a score of 97.4.

8. Switzerland

Switzerland is a marvelous place to spend a healthy life. It looks like a heaven made piece of work by the nature. Basically, it has three divisions the Alps, the Swiss plateau and the Jura. All parts are ornamented and oriented with handsome looks of natural gifts. It has an EPI score of 89.1.

7. Costa Rica

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has evaluated the Cost Rica on the basis of environmental sustainability, economic strength and cleanliness of the atmosphere and designates as the most beautiful country. It has an EPI figure of 86.4 that is considerable one with maximum life expectancy. The sanitation and water quality is unique and exemplary.

6. Sweden

Sweden is calculated as the third most populous country of the Europe and yet possess an EPI score of 86. There are rules and regulations regarding the cleanliness of their environment and area. Literacy rate is significant and most of the people know the facts about the hygienic environment. Water quality and pesticide regulation is perfect in implementation and outcomes.

5. Norway

The wealthiest nation of the European region is third in ranking and possesses an EPI score of 81.1. Luckily, it has dreamy tourist spots and landscapes along many areas. Ozone layers and air fresh is consistent with the long lived life. If you ever get chance to be there in Norway you should go to Lofoten Islands which is one of the most beautiful places in Norway.

4. Mauritius

With an EPI score of 80.6, this is an isolated island of European origin which is located at the southeast coast of the Africa. The beauty of the island is that it possesses a number of ornamental spots to take you to the new heights of pleasure and fascinating beauty. Due to its clean environment, most of the couples love to go there for their honeymoon and it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

3. Austria

Here comes another beautiful country that has sole importance in its gross domestic production and growth rate. The extent of cleanliness can be estimated from the facts that the administrative authority of Austria has maintained forestry, pesticide regulation and living life with great efforts. The EPI rating is 89.4 and surprisingly the country has attained 100 score on Biome production. Austria is 3rd cleanest country in the list of top 10 cleanest countries.

2. Cuba

Cuba is the Island country in the Caribbean with capital city of Havana. The EPI score is 78.1, a quite smart figure that is found satisfactory within its own limits. It is believed that cleanliness and hygienic parameters are directly correlated to the presence of lakes, beaches and greenery. These parameters are abundantly found in Cuba which also promotes the loveliness of the said country.

1. Colombia

The Colombia is evaluated to be a nice worthy place for those who want to spend peaceful and calm days of honeymoon. Particularly, when you are suffering from some kind of ailment or have serious issue regarding your health. It is said that it has a score figure of 82.7 in maintaining biodiversity and habitat. The Tayrona Natural National Park has created immense greenery throughout the city and the whole area look like a huge ecotourism. Colombia is the cleanest country we have in the world you to make a visit and enjoy the beauty of nature.