Top 10 Blogs To Master English Language at Your Fingertips 2018

Top 10 Blogs To Master English Language at Your Fingertips 2018
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Top 10 Blogs To Master English Language at Your Fingertips 2017

“Money cannot buy you happiness”, but it can most certainly buy you an internet connection which is more or less the same thing as happiness because you can do almost everything with the internet, including learning English language! If you are ashamed of your English speaking or writing skills and it leaves you embarrassed in many a situation then you should turn to the internet in order to help you improve your proficiency in the language. The best thing about learning English online is that you can do it for free! An effective way of mastering the English language is to follow blogs that teach English. The following is a list of top 10 best blogs for English learning. You can choose the one that you gravitate towards the most or you can follow more than one blog to learn even more! Top 10 Blogs To Master English Language at Your Fingertips 2017

Top 10 Blogs To Master English Language at Your Fingertips


 Have you ever listened to rappers in action and wondered how they are able to rap so fast and memorize all the lyrics so well? The answer to this question would be the fact that these rappers have a strong command over the language, which allows them to achieve lyrical freedom. If you wish to be as good as the rappers, not in rapping but rather in speaking English then ESL Hip Hopis the blog to follow! A highly entertaining blog, this one mixes in the perfect amount of education to it which allows the blog subscribers to ‘work and play’ at the same time. On this blog, English language lessons are taught using Hip Hop songs; learning English definitely doesn’t get any cooler than this!


Do you wish to be bilingual with English as your second language? In that case you should subscribe to Duolingo blog. This blog just goes on to show that learning English doesn’t have to be a boring process. The website is the personification of cuteness with a doe-eyed green owl as the English teacher! These owls would guide the blog followers through various English language lessons. The blog is extremely rich and informative and the lessons are particularly useful and helpful for those who want to be proficient in English.


Are you tired of speaking broken English which leaves you embarrassed because others have to piece it together to understand what you’re saying? Well then how about learning ‘Real’ English and bidding farewell to those embarrassing moments forever? This is one of the most popular blogs, it teaches one how to have ‘authentic’ conversation in English and how to falter less while doing so. It is a great source to rely on for English lessons. In order to make the learning process fun, the website also offers entertaining educational videos in addition to their static content for English lessons.

7. MY ENGLISH TEACHER is an English learning blog that will get you hooked in no time for all the right reasons: pleasing website design, comprehensive English learning content and high quality graphics as well as learning aids. The blog covers all the aspect of the English language including:
Grammar pronunciation Common pitfalls to avoid Useful tips to ‘hack’ the language Idioms and many more
The blog is aimed at beginners and intermediates who wish to strengthen their command over the language and become an expert English speaker/writer. It can also be used by those who are already proficient in English as a revision lesson to refresh their knowledge!


Do you wish to speak grammatically correct English really well? Phrase Mix allows you to do just that without boring you since its posts are extremely short, i.e. just 200-300 words on an average. The tone used for the lessons is warm, engaging and friendly with an occasional sprinkling of humor! Just as its name suggests, the website examines English phrases and instructs the readers about their meaning and the contexts in which they can be used. The topics on the blog are diverse, which is good because it covers all aspects of the English language.


Why learn English the regular way when you can learn English with a twist? The blogger, Miss Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat shares her enthusiasm and passion for English language and literature with her blog followers and visitors through informative and highly entertaining posts. She covers various topics such as improving email writing skills, English grammar lessons and so on. Each article or blog post is the perfect blend of key phrases, pictures, graphics and content.


In the world of coffee, Espresso is considered to be the foundation of a variety of coffee drinks as it is the quintessential coffee preparation. In the same manner, the Espresso English blog aims to strengthen the foundation of one’s command over English language in order to be able to do a lot of things requiring a good knowledge of the language. Run by Shayna, an English teacher based in Brazil, the blog aims to help readers understand the richness of English language while not being difficult or boring.


The best way to kill one’s enthusiasm to learn a new language is to follow a blog which posts irregularly because this makes the individual lose interest and also forget about the lessons learnt. This is why an active blog teaching English such as Lingualia is so important and useful. The blog offers plenty of resources for learners of English including how to pronounce words right. The best part about the blog site is that it uploads blog posts regularly, which means that the students or learners do not forget what they have learnt easily because they are in constant touch with the blog site.


If you are pressed for time and lead a very busy lifestyle but still wants to learn English then you should follow the Grammar Girl blog. It is a great way of brushing up on your knowledge about the language easily. It also provides useful tips in a quick and effective way. In addition to this, the blog also teaches the readers about the common mistakes to avoid when speaking English. All in all, this is a great blog site for all who wishes to learn English fast.


This is a blog site that is a fantastic tool for those who wants to learn and master American English. Rachel, the blogger offers blog posts that serve as valuable tools for improving one’s overall English speaking skills. If you want to learn proper American English then this blog site is meant for you. Rachel also puts up videos occasionally in order to spice things up a bit and to make the learning process more engaging and fun. Professional English learning has never been easier!

Improving your spoken or written English has never been easier thanks to these English learning blogs. All you need to do is to devote some time and effort into these and soon you too will have a strong command over the language without even investing a penny!