Top 10 Biggest Bank Robberies in the World 2018

Top 10 Biggest Bank Robberies in the World 2018
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Bank Robbery is carried out by a set of those professionals who are expert at their hands in the Top 10 Biggest Bank Robberies in the Worldmoney of bank. It is the result of disappointment and desperation to these people who become very aggressive and put their anger over these institutes. It has been seen in the movies and dramas where robbers penetrate or breach the security zone of the highest security protected banks and grab all the money. Not only these things are stolen but inside men and women usually become hostages which serve as best way for their safe way out. There are many examples of bank robberies in the history but following are the salient one which can never be forgotten by anyone. Have a look at top 10 biggest bank robberies of the world till date.

10. Agricultural Bank of China

This is the grand robbery that took place in the central Hubei city of china agriculture bank. The black listed criminal Xianfeng initially stolen 20,000 Yuan and later on planned to execute 15 million Yuan from the same ban in 2007.

9. Bank of Ireland

The robbers were professional thief of the Dublin state and later one planned to execute the executive employees of this bank to sweep the money IN US dollars. The money was kept by the head of these criminals who run away from the Ireland.

8. Dunbar Armored Car Deposit

Allen Pace was the mastermind behind the robbery in this bank of United States which was considered to be the biggest theft of the land of USA. The finance and account officer were involved in making this robbery successful and later on these people witnessed the actual persons involving in this issue.

7. Loomis Fargo

In 1997, this bank made a report of great robbery in the history and almost 17 million US dollars were captured. All the money was transferred to a van at the night with the help of professional workers of the bank. The security staff put a clean way out for these people.

6. Northern Bank

More than 50 million US dollar was picked up by the robbers in 2004 at the happy event of Christmas. They decided to kidnap the official bank servants and ordered them to assist them in keeping all the money. They threatened to their children and family in terms of refusal and disagreement. Through this way, they looted 45 million US dollars. It falls in the biggest robbery of British zone.

5. British Bank of the Middle East in Beirut

It is located near the Catholic Church and opened a real and impressive chapter of bank robbery in 1976. The robbers took away all the jewelry, gold, prize bonds and the silver deposited in the bank. These people built up their planned near the church walls and breached the walls of this bank to capture the money.

4. The Knightsbridge Security Deposit

The robbery occurred in the city of Westminster of London anywhere the imperial families reside in 1987. The robbers displayed a notice after stealing $ 111 million dollars from the safe deposits that the security is provisionally closed to pretense the people.

3. Banco Central in Brazil

It is stated that more than 70 million US dollars were carried out by the hands of robbers in a very respectable and reputed way. The robbers planned a dig up tunnel up to 225 feet near this bank and then entered into the bank through this tunnel. It was such a good way that people did not suspect a little about it and thus took away all the money.

2. Central Bank of Iraq

The central bank of Iraq is located in the central territory of Iraq. It was during the early year o 2003 when American forces were busy in penetrating and killing Iraqi citizens in the Iraq. The situation was quite alarming and dangerous those keep the forces away from the population. It is said that more than 50 million dollars were wiped out by the robbers.

1. Dar Es Salaam

The first biggest and the major robbery of the world that took place in Baghdad has become a black spot on the economy and the social setup of Baghdad. It is believed that more than 35 million of US dollars were stolen out of this bank in 2007. At that time, said currency mounts to a large figure which is really a very tragic accident in the history of Baghdad.