Top 10 Biggest Airports in the World 2018

Top 10 Biggest Airports in the World 2018
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In this post, we are going to give you a brief introduction about the biggest airports of the world which are worth of exploring and watching. These airports cover a wide area of the land and equipped with all kinds of necessary arrangements for the passengers and the travelers. Once, you get into any of these airports, you can well imagine the sophistication and discipline in and around the location. The ultimate and pet goal of all these is to facilitate the public and aeroplane in safe and sound protection avoiding any kind of misunderstanding, inappropriateness and frustration. Other things which must be kept in considerations are the number of international and domestic terminals, covering area, accommodating people and the quality of traveling. You need not to worry if you become puzzle with the surroundings. Here are top 10 biggest airports in the world. The area of these biggest airports is also mentioned to give you the clue how big these airports are.

Top 10 Biggest Airports in the World

10. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Total area of the airport is 32.43 square kilometer. The main feature of this airport is the busy schedule and busy timing of the flight which ensure you to have safe traveling in and out the territory of Paris.

9. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

This is the greatest airport located in Texas and provides a facilitated route towards America and other European countries. It carries a safe international terminal and possesses an area of 324 hectares.

8. Hong Kong International Airport

Chinese have the owner to have grand airports. Lord Norman Foster is the design engineer of this airport which has a total of 1255 hectares areas. The well experienced designer has fully utilized the given area into well oriented place. It has almost 4 international terminals and 9 domestic terminals.

7. Frankfurt Airport

It stands at this point due to the reconstruction and rehabilitation process in its establishment and designing. It was first the most beautiful airport of the world and soon become masked down due to the unattended authorities yet it appears awesome.

6. Los Angeles International Airport

The Los Angeles International Airport is located in the United States of America where you can witness the beauty and tranquility. Yes, of course the 640 acre area of the fullest airport is no longer a boring place for you guys just because of orientation and proper management.

5. O’Hare International Airport

The name of this airport is come after a major hero of the World War II, the Edward Hare. This airport is spread over a large area of 8 hectare. It has 4 domestic travel terminals and carries a single international exit. This airport is world’s 5th biggest one.

4. Tokyo International Airport

Tokyo is a capital city of Japan which is located in the middle territory of this realm. The aim of this airport is the ultimate provision of comfort and luxuries to its passengers to avoid any frustrations. It has been in the working position in the Japan since 1951.

3. Beijing Capital International Airport

Since, the republic of China is a populous country so is the capital airport. This is at present undergoing several changes to be the biggest airport of the world in the few upcoming years. It can provide fairly a good space to more than 75 million passengers and in a near future the name is going to replace with Dixon International Airport.

2. London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport is second to be the most congested airport in the world, located in the London. It has an area of 14 square miles with 14 terminals and dealing with 6 airlines. It conveys the sophistication and well managed airport efficiency. It is not only the biggest airport but also the busiest one with respect to the people.

1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport is currently the biggest and busiest airport of the world. it has a capacity of accommodating more than 92 million people in it and at the same time providing information desk to almost every passengers in a very easy way. The total area surrounded by this gigantic airport is supposed to be more than 115 hectares. The numbers yet are getting more than 252,000.