Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Dubai 2017

The short word spoken Dubai is a city of liveliness and tourism over the entire globe because it has become the eighth most visited city in terms of expeditions. The skyscraper state of united Arab emirate is never found to be wanting in any aspect of life. One of the most interesting features about Dubai is that at any given time you will have something new and innovative to watch and observe. This fact stands the reason behind its progress and development in the Middle East. It seems unfair to write as the top 10 best places of Dubai because each and every place has its own uniqueness yet extremely handsome places are under given.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is considered to be one of the best destinations for honeymoon and here is another list of top 10 about best places to visit in Dubai. These places have been ranked for beauty, romance, luxury and view.

10. Burj al Arab

The mother of all the skyscrapers is Burj al Arab which is a place regarded as fortune for most peoples. It has mounted to be the tallest hotel not only in Dubai but in the whole world. This hotel has become a representative art gallery of the Dubai. The rent of Burj al Arab is about $2500 per night which means that world’s highest hotel is one of the costly hotels in the world. It is world’s most luxurious and romantic hotel and best place for honeymoon in Dubai.

9. Karama

Simply, Karama is a cute place of Dubai for making few rounds of mini shopping. You can buy a good looking watch, purse, handkerchiefs, caps, shining glasses and toys of your own choice. These items have very reasonable prices as compared to other shops of Dubai. It has become very popular among families for shopping with the passage of time and has attraction for all ages.

8. Dubai Autodrome

A clear and vast place of Dubai which puts you in interrogation is Autodrome. It was first built up to facilitate the sports ceremonies in 2004. Mostly, the races of cars and heavy bikes are hosted by Autodrome and FIT GT Championship was successfully held at this place.

7. Burj Khalifa

When this master piece came into being, it had and still become the focal point for wallpapers and other pictorial purposes. Now, you might suffer from a shock to hear that this marvelous place of Dubai is the largest building of the world and carry a restaurant in its interior decoration. It measures 828 meter in entire length.

6. Dubai Marina

In order to have a healthy and jolly walk, a nice place of Dubai was built known as the Dubai mall. It consists of a number of malls like Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Marina mall and lastly the East Marina mall. The boats are supplied for the entertainment of the visitors which are anchored at the said malls. Indeed, the beauty of Dubai is merged in this popular place.

5. Barasti Beach Bar

If you want to enjoy the arousing lyrics of pop music then go to visit the Barasti Beach Bar. It has the honor to have the world international singers for live performance in multiple decks accompanying with numerous varieties of music to relish the taste of people’s drinks. The beach strengthens the prettiness of the beach. The best place award was awarded to this bar in 2009.

4. Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall has huge cry in the public for its splendor architectural appearance and a number of worthy watching items like the fashion catwalk atrium associated with the fashion island. The area of the Dubai mall is extensively spread over comprising 1200 shops and the hugest Gold souk of the biosphere. These statistics lead this gigantic place of Dubai in the list of must watch places. Dubai Mall Aquarium is worth watching in Dubai for its beauty and romance that it creates among people.

3. Dubai Museum

The museum is a nice place of the exclusively sprawled city of Dubai. It has all of those ancient stuffs belonging to different civilizations which are not found in other museums.Thus, it has its own prominence among other places of Dubai. The maps, coins, sculptures make the museum an attractive place for the art lovers.

2. 360 Bar

Perhaps, the angular surrounding of water view named this as 360 bar. It is a most beautiful place of Dubai which is surrounded entirely by the water fountains. Thus, you can enjoy a very tasteful drink at this bar. From here, the view of Burj al Arab appears very fascinating for the photographers and the visitors. This place has a way leading to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

1. Madinat Jumeirah

The top best place of Dubai is Madinat Jumeirah and occasionally attributed to the name of Madinat. This inimitable place covers many arrangements of facilities and luxuries. The place is equipped with multidimensional variety of shops, halls, restaurants and particularly the hotels which in turn are supported by the automatic lifts. The underlying canal grants an outstanding view of Madinat. If you get chance to go to Dubai you should visit best places listed here especially Madinat Jumeirah which is Dubai’s best place to visit.

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