Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Australia 2018

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Australia 2018
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Australia is the best place which has been created by the nature to enjoy and entertain and this is the place where you can fulfill your dreamy choices and wishes with full zeal and zest. Whatever you are thinking about Australia it is far more beautiful and full of fun. You can have multiple options at any city of Australia regardless of the specified choice of profession. There are yet many universities to educate the international students from all over the world. Side by side, there are lots of visiting and entertaining spots where you can spent the loveliest moments of your life. This is what a tourist and an entertainer wants to have in his life forever. In this post, we will discuss the places which are located in god gifted Australia. Here are top 10 best places to visit in Australia.

10. Tasmania

It is commonly known as island of inspiration and thus inspires each and every tourist with numerous views and sights. It is located in the corner of the southern part of Australia.

9. Barossa

The vintage festival is celebrated in this place where lush green fields and the vinery culture are very popular for the visitors. If you visit Australia you should visit this beautiful place.

8. Uluru

Uluru is an integral part of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and counted to be the most sighted place of Australia. It is 8th best place to visit in Australia.

7. Fraser Island

The crystal clear blue water and the long spread white sand is waiting to entertain you and your wife. It is referred as one of the romantic place to spend honey moon where 121 km long distant beach is awaiting to welcome you. This island is included in the heritage of the Australia and carries peaceful as well as cool and calm surroundings.

6. Kakadu National Park

Those visitors who love to watch the natural beauty and secrets with close sense of exploration then they must be the witness of Kakadu National park which is the largest park in the Australia. There are special attentions and aspect for every one especially the aboriginal culture and the natural strums running in dense forest. The views will sooth your eyes and soul with the feelings of love and affection with the nature.

5. Magnetic Island

This point covers many beaches and the company of kangaroos because of the natural park that habitats many animals but these animals are not dangerous. The magnetic island is located near the Townsville whose 2 and half part out of third is covered by the natural park. People come here to enjoy and relax.

4. The Great Ocean Road

Have you ever drive car along the side of a road which is located near the ocean. If not then you must took an opportunity to have this one done in your life. This great road is located near Bellarine Peninsula to Warrnambool and runs more than 25 kilometers. The road presents a wonderful but exciting and memorable drive blend with cool and fresh breeze. This road was built in the memory of those soldiers who died in defending their motherland.

3. Melbourne

It is one of the busiest and the mot viewed city of Australia which is characterized by population and business point. It covers a large are of the Australia thus stands to be the largest city of Australia. There are many historical and modern buildings which are worth of watching and exploring like Melbourne Town Hall, Old Melbourne Gaol, Parliament House and the State Library which are funded by the Victoria gold rush.

2. Great Barrier Reef

It is considered as an asset for the visitors and the biologist because this place stands to be the world’s greatest reef ever discovered. The total length of the reef is around about 2600 kilometers and encompasses more than 900 islands. It is also a very refreshing point for fishing and hiking. People around different corner of the world come here to rejoice their life.

1. Sydney Harbour

This is said to be most visited and dreamy place located in the heart of Australia. As you people are well aware that Sydney is the capital city of Australia which has sprawling buildings and fascinating environment surrounded by big shopping malls and shops of multiple categories. The Sydney harbor bridge and the opera house of Sydney are located at this spot and offer a pure romantic scene to the tourist and the visitors.