Top 10 Best Kpop Boy Groups

Top 10 Best Kpop Boy Groups
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Top 10 Best Kpop Boy Groups. Kpop is the South Korean popular music that has a unique aspect the creation of various idol groups. The idols of kpop music go through rigorous training in choreography, dance, voice and many others key elements of their success. For this reason, the kpop artists are dedicated media personalities and professional entertainers that are very hard working.

While in the Western World the boy bands went out of fashion, in South Korea they have a lot of fans. Male artists who pass special auditions are discovered as having potential to become kpop idols and they get contracted to perform in kpop all boy groups.

In the last decade the number of Korean kpop boy group has been increased, which indicates that more and more people all over the world are becoming fans of this genre. This has produced a dynamic industry where the idol boys groups are always trying to compete and outdo each others. The competition for the top spots in kpop music is pretty tight, and only the best performing kpop boy groups are able to make it to the top. Here are the top 10 most popular kpop boy groups in 2014:

10. Big Bang

Big Bang is a unique kpop boys group that is basing their success more on the differences in their voices rather than in harmonization and blending their styles together. They also have impressive dancing skills and great choreography. During their career, Big Bang transformed their style, until they achieved their modern appearance today. In 2014, the group “Big Bang” is all about flashy style and fashion and urban music style. The group, which has been founded in 2006, is managed by YG Entertainment and includes five members: T.O.P., Seungri, Daesung, Taeyang, and G-Dragon. The group became famous with their single hit “Lies”. Big Bang impress with their capacity to compose and produce their own music. Among their famous albums are “Last Farewell” and “Haru Haru”. They also have won many awards such as “Artist of the Year”, “Song of the Year”, and “Best Male Group”.

9. EXO

EXO is a relatively new kpop boy band that was formed in the year 2012. The Chinese-South Korean boy group managed and produced by S.M. Entertainment has fast reached popularity and today is regarded as one of the most successful. EXO comprises 12 members. They are sub grouped into EXO-M and EXO-K. The group’s first single “Mama” made it to the top ten most viewed videos on YouTube and topped the Chinese music charts within the first day.

 8. Infinite

Infinite is among the best performing kpop boy groups in South Korea. The kpop boy group is made up of seven members: Jang Dongwoo (lead dancer and rapper), Lee Howon (main dancer and rapper), Kim Sunggyu (the main vocalist, and the leader of the group), Nam Woohyun (main vocalist), Kim Myungsoo (vocalist), Lee Sungyeol (rapper, vocalist), and Lee Sungjong (vocalist).The group’s debut in 2010, with the album “Come Back Again”, was an instant hit. Other popular songs by the band Evolution, First Invasion, Over the Top, and many others.

7. SHINee:

At their debut, the boys of SHINee were only kids. Since then they have become one of the most popular kpop boy groups in 2014. This boy band comes with the most gifted singers and dancers in Korea. SHINee are the best when it comes to pulling off heart pounding high notes and gorgeous harmonization.

6. Super Junior:

Super Junior is among Korea’s biggest kpop boy groups with their 13 members: Sungmin, Hankyung, Leeteuk, Yesung, Kibum, Heechel, Donghae, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Kyuyun, Siwona, Sungmin, and Ryeowook. Super Junior is famous for their “Korean Wave”, which is locally called “Hallyu.” The track that made the group popular in 2009 was “Sorry Sorry”. The band performs various genres such as Pop, R&B, Electronic, and Dance.

5. Beast

Beast or B2ST is a kpop boy band comprised of six members: The members are Jang Hyun-seung ,Yoon Doo-joon, Lee Gi-kwang, Son Dong-woon, Yang Yo-seob, and Yong Jun-hyung. The band’s first single released in 2009 was “Beast Is the B2ST”. Their first complete album was released in 2011, and it was called “Fiction and Fact”. Beast has won several awards such as Bonsang award,’s Triple Crown, Artist of the Year award, and much more.


This kpop boy group is known under two names: TVXQ and DBSK. The group is managed by S.M. Entertainment and includes five members: Max Changmin, Micky Yoochun, U-Know Yunho, Xiah Junsu, and Hero Jaejoong. They become the first kpop boy band to win the top spot on Oricon Chart in Japan, in the year 2008. The group is the most successful Korean boy group in Japan and they also have four albums that hold the top spots in Korea. The group was formed in 2003 and is among the oldest in kpop. The single hit that propelled them to stardom fame in 2004 was “Hug”.

3. 2PM

2PM or “Beastly Idols is a kpop boy band that was originally based in Seoul. 2PM splinted from a larger group called “One Day”. The members of 2PM are Junho, Taecyeon, Jun.K, Nichkhon, Chansung, and Wooyoung. They are famous for their acrobatic dance style. Besides k-pop, the group also performs R&B, pop, dance, and hip-hop.


CNBLUE is a kpop boy group that was formed in Seoul, in the year 2009. BLUE are the initials of the four members of the group. The group include Lee- hyun (vocals, lead guitar), Kong Min-yuk (vocals & drums), Jung Yong-haw (rhythm guitar & lead vocals) and Lee Jung-Shun (vocals, bass guitar). CNBLUE performs kpop, rock, and pop. The kpop boy band debuted on in 2009 with a mini album entitled “Now or never”.

1. B.A.P.

B.A.P has become popular following the release of their hit singles “Power”, “Warrior”, and “Stop It” as well as their EP “No Mercy”. The group performs and dances in the kpop style but is unique for their rap influences.

The South Korean kpop is more than about music, it is a real cultural phenomenon. It includes an interest in style and fashion and in the attractive image of the boy group members’ idol image. Most of the kpop boys share a sexy image based on chiseled faces combined with a conservative style. Kpop interest is wide spread among teenagers and young adults throughout many countries besides Korea, including Singapore, Philippines, and Japan.