Top 10 Best Islands to Visit in Vacations 2018

Top 10 Best Islands to Visit in Vacations 2018
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Whenever you get vacations from your college, university or employer, you must go to rock on roll your holidays at a dreamy island full of spirit and life. The island is the best location of the world to spend the available leisure in an entertaining open mood.Because, it is the sole location that gives you the chance to enjoy the swirling trees, cool breeze, fresh wavy water, blooming plantation, sprawling vegetation and many more enjoyments of similar kinds.Thus, these enjoyments will flush out the anxieties, tensions and ill thoughts from your mind and make you very comfortable for the rest of your life. You are just at right place to select all the top 10 islands for your vacations.

Top 10 Best Islands to Visit in Vacations

10. Galapagos

Galapagos is the South American beautiful and one of the best island offering space to pass vacations for botanist, scientist, science students and nature lovers because the sea animals are extensively found with a variety of plant species. It is 10th best island to visit during vacations from job or classes of college.

9. Fiji

It is the most adopted island whose features and heart loving tales can never be expressed in words or statements. Alternatively, we can say that the best island resorts and island vacations should be set up in Fiji without negotiating it with the other islands. Simply, it is perfect, complete and beautiful in a single definition. Many of the photos of Fiji island are used as wallpapers so when visit Fiji you can take photos for desktop of your computer.

8. Zanzibar

It is also called by the name of spicy island whose coconut and cocoa bean trees are well spread here and there. It is a bit tiny island located in the territory of Tanzania where people are friendly. Self-boat driving is the most pleasing act you ever imagined at such a photographic and loving island.

7. Malta

The St. Paul’s island is the place where you must go to devote your vacations heartily because the island and the surroundings of Malta itself manifest a blend of archeological heritage as well as the history. Since the island, after which it was named, had history of ship destruction whose reference was mentioned in holy Bible.

6. Jamaica

One of most important telling is the very easy and cheap access to the beautiful island of Jamaica. Excellent weather, white sandy beaches, deep blue sea water are available to you at a very low cost and feel this opportunity just like at your door step. So, are there any other adventure items you are looking for? Just exhale yourself by spending your demanding vacations at Jamaica.


The most favorite island for honeymoon vacations is the Maui which is also a largest island in the central area of Hawaii. The extensive vegetation, sunny days, humid air, moderate weather, curly avenues has made this island a paradise on earth. Children enjoy the hula lessons, bamboo fishing while dating and married couples please themselves with the atmosphere.

4. Sardinia

Probably, it should be regarded as the best holiday islands among all of the other islands because Sardinia offers nice variation in exposition of different explorations. Old architectural buildings, ancient festivals, white stone houses are worth of surveillance and admiring. The annual horse racing festival enhances its peculiarity and adventuress rendering it most proper island for vacations.

3. Tenerife

It goes without saying that Tenerife is the best island for vacations and real joyful amusement. It lies in the heart of Canary Islands of Spain where the highest mountain Teide is located. So, it bids a double and forceful cry for entertainment. From the top of mountain, you can observe the bird eye view of Spain. Obviously, this beautiful island would never lose its position in loveliness.

2. Bali

The island of Bali is located in Indonesia, a dreamy island spotted many times in the media and tour magazines. It will let you to exhibit your hidden potential to be a tourist or visitor. The dance, delicious food, awesome weather and beach roaming make this ornamental and beautiful island for outing lovers. You can explore the Indonesian culture and traditions more closely.

1. Bora Bora

The boom romantic island lies in the corner of Australian pacific. It has raised the status to be the sensual and hottest island for vacations. In the history, it was a military target spot for protection against the enemy but now, it has a very charming gathering for youngsters full of vigor and soul. Fishing, hiking, bathing, luxurious hotel stays are waiting for you over there. Bora Bora is the name of the best island to visit in vacations.