Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in UK 2018

Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in UK 2018
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Insurance is a broader term used to express an association between a company and the Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in UKcustomer. This association is a kind of mutual benefit connotation between a recipient and the insurance firm in terms of life, health, house and property etc. Whenever you are in threat to your provisions or suffer from a drawback, these companies would come to rescue you and provide satisfactory backing and support to resolve your loss in quick response. You can get insurance to any of your belongings irrespective of the fact whether the respective item is large or small to carry corresponding insurance amount. This article will enable you to know the top 10 best insurance companies of UK.

10. Admiral

Newly established admiral offers superb packages in single car and multi car insurance policies. Thus, it has refine reputation in car insurance offering at the spot online insurance certificate to its customers. In addition to these, it finely offers other 8 items of worthy significance for one’s life. Right from UK, this company has several other head offices like in France and Italy.

9. AXA

Likewise others, it also deals with each component of life supporting items. AXA has managed to put itself in the UK’s popular insurance company. Its head quarter is situated in the London with sub offices at other cities of UK. Most of customers belong to the UK and living happily at subsidized premium packages of AXA.

8. Liverpool Victoria Insurance

Liverpool Victoria Insurance is one of the UK’s greatest known insurance companies proposing insurance for all of life’s needs. It delivers captivating insurance, award and countless value since 1843. Along with these provisions, outstanding customer deal,economic safety and peace of mind are coupled with these benefits.

7. Direct Line

Direct line is pioneer in those insurance companies which provide different packages at considerable concession with an advantage of favorable bonus return. This is what a customer demands out of a profitable group of insurers. It was started with telephonic service by providing car insurance in 1985 but now you can witness the speedy growth.

6. Tesco Bank

Tesco is a widely spread branch whose more than 6 thousand stores and centers are spread to facilitate people’s choice and concerns. It is the first insurance company of the UK who has set up branches in North America and won the title of the “insurance company for the people choice.” The Tesco card holders are being seen in pleasures and joys.

5. Churchill

Although Churchill is not old enough but yet it has accelerated up to maximum extent in the line of best rated insurance companies of the UK. The company took an initiative with motor insurance and sprawled its network to numerous insurance items for the people. It has also nominated many awards like “your money” and “anniversary bonus” for its customers.

4. Zurich

Zurich has successfully earned reputed statistical figures through establishing more than 165 branches in different countries. This achievement has made Zurich more reliable and trustworthy insurance company of the UK. It has engaged more than 60 thousand employers for customer satisfaction and assistance. It is the fourth best insurance firm in UK.


This company provides a premium packages relatively at less cost. Most of the packages are conserved and fixed through online services. You can get insurance policies to any of your costly assets like car, property and particularly jewelry. It has been upgrading and making progress at favorable speed.

2. Aviva

It is considered as the best and the pioneer of the insurance companies in the UK providing general and life insurances. Statistical figures regarding this company are surprisingly huge enough to ensure reader the repute and status of this company. There are almost 36,660 employers dealing to satisfy 43 million customers. Indeed, this is really an incredible achievement for any insurance company ever made.

1. Endsleigh

It is one of the top rated insurance companies of the UK which facilitates each professional individual of the UK. It was founded in 1965 with a small insurance platform, now it has prevailed as one of the leading insurance companies providing assistance leverage from student to a landlord. This is the characteristics feature of this company and reason behind the fact that why people found it most suitable. Endsleigh is the best insurance company in UK for this year.