Top 10 Best Boxers In The World

Top 10 Best Boxers In The World
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Top 10 Best Boxers In The World; Find Out What They Did And How They Knocked Down Their Opponents

We realized that people are always interested in the most popular boxers in the world, so we’ve rounded up our list of top 10 best boxers in the world. They are in this list because they impacted the world of boxing in a whole new way, they shook the ring with their tremendous knock out power. They were also considered world’s best influencers in their time, because they had a large supportive audience who liked their maneuvers during playtime. So here’s your list.

10. Muhammed Ali

No doubt, Muhammed Ali made a great impact in the world of boxing. He was born in the year 1940, under the name of Cassius Marcellus Clay Junior. Ali was a heavyweight boxer, and his unusual style made people become interested in him. He could still maneuver a few punches despite his heavy weight. That’s the reason why he’s remembered as one of the best boxers of his time.

9. Sugar Ray Robinson

He lived for 60 years before dying in the late 80s. He was born under the name of Walker Smith Junior. He was only 19 years of age when he made his first professional appearance on the ring. That’s why he is still considered one of the undisputed, best boxers in his time. More than 20 years after his death, people who witnessed him on the ring say there’s no modern boxer who can match his skills.

8. Julio Cesar

Born in the early 60s, he is considered one of the most significant Mexican boxers of his time. At only 16 years, he started his career as an Amateur boxer. Amazingly, he beat up most of the people who had established a career in boxing at the time. It’s not clear how he used to do it, but the fact is, he performed extremely well. However, he quit boxing after performing for 13 solid years.

7. Roy Jones

This is the only Boxer who doubled up as a music artist. Roy Jones was born in the early 60s. He somehow became a champion in mysterious ways. It looks that nature was just favoring his career at the time. Now, in 2002, he decided to venture into the rap music industry. That’s when he launched a popular album called Round 1.

6. Joe Louis

He made it to the list of world’s most popular boxers because of his weird nickname, Brown Bomber. He earned this name because of his impressive performance on the ring. Every time he entered the ring, he fought with skills which actually won him several titles. Joe Louis is also remembered because he came up with 2 very important boxing quotes still used to date. He was born in the early 80s under the name of Joseph Louis Barrow.

5. Archie Moore

He was born in the early 1910s but died in the early 90s. What glued people to his performance was his style of boxing. People also say that he had features that made him look like he almost originated from Space. The most remarkable thing about this Boxer is the fact that he performed for 40 solid years, knocking out most professionals in his field, some of which we have included in our list. Archie Moore still commands respect from Boxers all over the world.

4. Sugar Ray Leonard

He didn’t have the physical attributes of a real Boxer, though he made it into the records. He was born in the mid 50s. He was loved because he was a technical boxer, plus he displayed his amazing talent when performing. His ability to perform this way was just great, making his fellow contestants knuckle under his tremendous power. If you’ve always paid attention to the world of Boxing, you’ll remember that he made a remarkable fight with Roberto Duran.

3. George Foreman

He was born in the late 40s. People have always described him as his own deadly enemy. He made a terrible fight with Ali in which he lost. It seems that this fight deeply affected him to the spiritual level. He is worth to mention because he is one boxer who said that when you are a boxer, you have to be ready at all time to accept the side effects of the profession. Definitely we could not go without mentioning him as one of the most popular boxers in his time.

2. Marvin Hagler

He was born in the mid 50s in his hometown, New Jersey. He was aggressive, but he felt that he didn’t get all the credit he deserved as a professional boxer. That’s why he decided to change his name to Marvelous Marvin Hagler. He believed he was greater than what people perceived him to be, which is why he decided to add the name ”Marvelous”. However, many people believe that Hagler was one of the best middleweight boxers in his category. However, he quit the profession and made a dramatic twist to go and live in Italy, where he decided to venture into the film industry.
It seems most boxers have always had this craving to stay on camera, so even if they quit boxing, they venture into acting or singing, because it gives them the limelight they want. Marvin Hagler’s case was not so unique.

1. Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong was born in the early 1910s under the name of Henry Jackson Junior. Armstrong’s case was so unique, and that’s because he was the only boxer in the world to hold 3 different titles simultaneously. He held three titles namely Featherwight, Lightweight and Welterweight. We also know that he was very aggressive in defending the Welterweight title more than any other boxer in the world. It’s such a rare occurrence in the world of boxing to have one boxer hold on to multiple titles at one go. But that’s exactly the reason why Henry Armstrong was recorded in the history books.

No doubt the boxers mentioned above made a great impact in the boxing arena. Every list of top 10 best boxers in the world will include them, which is a sure sign that they were talented and that they performed extraordinarily. This list is random, so for example, we could not say that Muhammed Ali was better than Henry Armstrong and so forth. But one thing is for sure; that each one of them had extraordinary capabilities.