Top 10 Best Blogs for Pregnancy and Children 2018

Top 10 Best Blogs for Pregnancy and Children 2018
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The pregnancy period of a woman is always full of excitement, some fear and anxiety. It is a period characterized by a lot of changes and therefore there is the need to look for information that offers guidelines on how to cope with the changes. With the advancement in technology, it is easier to search online for the best website for pregnancy and children information to guide you through this stage in life. Below are some of the most popular websites for pregnant and children.


It is a site that has a huge collection of articles that are related to issues surrounding pregnancy, toddlers and babies. In order to enjoy all the benefits offered in the site, you ought to become a member by agreeing to join them. After becoming a member, the start page contains your personal information and it shows your due date, upcoming doctor visits and the baby development stage in every week. There is a free weekly newsletter that sheds more light about fetal development and the pregnancy itself. The newsletter corresponds with the current period of your pregnancy.

You can also be able to document your pregnancy with a calendar or personal journal as well as connect with other pregnant women. One registered as a member, you can join other moms in the Birth Club which is formed depending on the month you are due. It is very helpful for pregnant mothers to connect and share with other women facing the same symptoms of pregnancy at the same time.


This website has some fun tools included and they are the online pregnancy test and a calculator to determine your due date. It requires the pregnant woman to input the date of the last day they had their menstrual cycle, when they think they conceived and birth control method they used before. Armed with these details, the tools come up with a personalized pregnancyreport that gives the percentage chance of the pregnancy and the number of weeks of the pregnancy. The test is not really scientific but it is fun to take it before the real pregnancy test.

This website also has articles that touch on several topics like getting pregnant, pregnancy problems or loss and other related topics. One is able to browse through them by searching for the specific issue they could be looking for information on. It also has e-mail newsletters which you can sign up for in case you need more information. The topics covered include weight gain, week by week development, sex, fertility, nutrition and exercise for pregnant women. Members receive them via e-mail.


This is one of the best website for pregnancy and children available online. Its owners are pediatricians; Dr. Bill has written several books on parenting together with his wife, Martha who is a registered nurse and their two sons have also joined their father’s footsteps. The site offers useful information on pregnancy, birth, attachment parenting and breastfeeding. They are pro-breastfeeding and thus offer new mothers who plan to breastfeed a lot of useful information. The site also offers important information on infant care after the child is born.


For those planning to have a natural birth that is free from drugs, this is one of the most popular websites for pregnant and children for you to get such information. It is dedicated to offer information to mothers who opt to have their births outside a hospital setting. It is the website for the Mothering Magazine and it is possible to get past articles of the same magazine in this website. It is possible to get information on home births, nutrition, pregnancy and breastfeeding as your child grows. There are several message boards where you can hold discussions with other interested pregnant women in natural births.


This is the website of the Fit pregnancy Magazine which is essential in offering information related to pregnancy. The information available touches on nutrition, recipes, prenatal fitness, pregnancy and style. A tool that helps calculate your ovulation is also available for those trying to conceive. It is also possible to create a pregnancy calendar as well as monitor your child’s development. It offers a week by week guide on how to care for your pregnancy. There is a recipe finder to help you eat healthy for the sake of the mother’s health and the baby’s health. Information offered in free newsletters includes yoga/pilates, swimming, walking, strength training and post natal abdominal work outs.


It also falls under the category of the most popular websites for pregnant and children source of information. It has articles on conception, fertility, pregnancy, baby and birth related information. In order to join video or message boards, you ought to join the website and it is easy to register. You are also able to ask the experts available questions in areas like lactation consultant, fitness, nutritionist and midwife. There are also free videos to watch in the video library concerning pregnancy and also connect to other pregnant women via live chats and message boards.


It is another popular and one of the best website for pregnancy and children with information concerning a wide range of issues to do with pregnancy. It has a section that is devoted to provide information on pregnancy, infertility, conception, healthy issues during pregnancy and child birth. It also contains information on breastfeeding and post partum depression which is very useful to mothers after birth. It has a lot of articles that touch on pregnancy together with a video library which has topics that touch on pregnancy.

3. is a website owned by the New York Times and ranks as one of the biggest websites that offers original content in the internet. The section on pregnancy offer information about this period as well as the tools necessary to find fertility clinics and pregnancy calendars. It also helps the pregnant mother to register the gifts they could need for their baby shower in order to make the shopping easier.


It is a website for a non-profit organization, International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) which strives to reduce the rate of c-section births that are not necessary medically. It offers thebenefits and risks of the c-section to women to enable them make informed choices. It is important for women who want to avoid an initial c-section. There are links to enable you reach your local ICAN professional or chapter in your area.


It is a parenting website which contains information divided into the different stages involved in the conception, birth and subsequent growth stages. All the stages are available on the left hand column in the home page. The stages of your child’s life are captured here from conception, pregnancy, birth, toddlers, preschoolers, big kid and yourself. There are also forums that are devoted to allow pregnant women to connect with other pregnant women. Other fun tools available in the site include the ovulation calculator, due date calculator as well as a weight gain calculator.

All the above are some of the most popular websites for pregnant and children information. They all provide relevant information about various issues that touch on pregnancy and hence one ought to check for the website that best addresses the issues they could be facing. The information they provide is very useful as each one of them form one of the best website for pregnancy and children source of information.