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United Kingdom, which is composed of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, is not just the ideal tourist destination for a majority of Europeans but also for the rest of the worlds population. This is due to its having very scenic attractions such as historic sites, theatres, museums, remarkable countryside, natural sceneries and beautiful cities with exciting shopping centers, good places to dine and wine as well as a very vibrant night life, among others. As such, the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in UK are:


Characterized by its dramatic landscapes, beautiful sceneries, historic houses and pretty villages, dark caverns and rugged landscapes, Hope Valley in Derbyshire is the worlds second most visited national park. The Gem of the Pea; Castleton in Hope Valley has plenty of beautiful places too such as the ruined Norman castle, traditional stone cottages, show caves and a beautiful mountain. It is also home to the Hathersage village thats well famed with the legend Robin Hood.


The 5,000 year old Stonehenge in Wiltshire, which is also a world heritage site, is characterized by earthworks that surround a circular setting consisting of large standing stones. Its found in the South West part of England. In addition, its the home of various finds and structures from the Neolithic and Bronze Age as well as 200 scheduled monuments.

The Stonehenge is among the most celebrated marvels of the modern world.


This English city is widely known for being the home of the worlds top learning institutions like Cambridge University. Some of the things that can be experienced in here include diverse entertainment and cultural activities, breath-taking architecture such as that of the Kings College Chapel, and of course, the night life. Cambridge is hence ideal for the young generation as well as travellers who feel young at heart.

Whats more interesting about Cambridge is that most people use bicycles as their main form of transport, hence making it easier to move around.


This is yet another ancient city in the UK with most of its attractions packed within the city walls. The York Minster is however its key landmark. Other similarly popular and enchanting places in York include the stone cathedral which is rich in all kinds of ancient and modern collections of art, the Jorvik Viking center, the York dungeon, York museum gardens, the Grand Opera House as well as the Cawood, Bishopthorpe, Hazlewood and Allerton castles.

Whats unique about this city is its being Europes largest pedestrian zone hence making it easier to discover the city by walking.


Located on the southern coast of England, this world heritage site, also known as a hunters paradise is not just among the most popular places in the UK but the most beautiful. Its approximately 250 million years old and was voted as Britain greatest natural wonder. It is home to Englands finest coves; Lulworth Cove and also coasts most photographed landmark; Durdle Door. Its picturesque further makes it a great location for filming as well as landscape photography.

Jurassic Coast exposes one to a whole new world of natural beauty that can be experienced in various ways and provides a superb filming and photography opportunities.


Being the second national park in United Kingdom ad among the most popular places in UK, the Lake District has loads of natural attractions such as mountains, forests, hills and lakes hence giving very inspiring scenery. Its topography further makes it ideal for numerous outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking and camping. In fact, the Lake District is behind the inspiration of William Wordsworths sonnets.


Located on the South East Cornwell, Polperro is ideal for holiday makers who are fascinated by a simple village and cottage form of living. Other than the many cottages perched on the steep slopes, this fishing village has exquisite narrow streets and a beautiful tiny harbour, hence making it Cornwalls prettiest village.

Polperro offers a wide range of activities such as fishing, boat rides, and ferry trips to see and enjoy the beautiful river estuary as well as this prehistoric village among others.


The city is one of the oldest as its approximated to be over 2,000 years old. Its hence clear that Chester carries a lot of history, ancient architectural designs and culture. Its uniquely identified by its black and white 19th Century architecture. To date, it still has its medieval walls that have been preserved over the years so as to encircle the entire city of Chester.

Although Chester is all roundedly beautiful, the very best of places to visit include the Grosvenor museum, Chester Cathedral, Chester and Peckforton castles and the Cheshire military museum, among others.


Located in Scotland, this is one of UKs locations with the most dramatic landscapes. It overlooks Britains highest mountain; Ben Nevis, and offers a perfect and serene environment to take nature walks. In addition, its a perfect place to watch wildlife in their natural habitat as well as for shooting films.

Some of the very fascinating historic places within and around Glen Nevis include the Eilean Donan and the 13th century Inverlochy castles, the Glenfinnan monument and viaduct, mountain Gondola and the west Highland museum among others.


Other than being rich in history, the stunning modern city of London is filled with worlds top class art galleries, museums, theatre scenes, shopping centers, restaurants, beautiful parks and most importantly, the royalty. Other than the Buckingham Palace which is the official home of the Queen, theres also the Big Pen which is the worlds most famous clock located within the Parliament buildings, the Tower bridge, The London Eye, St. Pauls Cathedral, Westminster Abbey (venue where Prince William and Kate Middleton married) and the Tower of London. And, its one of the few cities in the world where one is bound to come across the double decker buses!

Also within London is the Little Venice which has very striking waterways dotted by colorful waterside pubs and houseboats. Thus, its ideal for picnicking especially along the banks.

Judging from this list, its clear that there are so many beautiful and breath-taking places throughout the United Kingdom that locals as well as foreigners need to learn about and explore, as some are yet to be popularized. To experience these magical locations, all that is needed is a lot of energy, an adventurous attitude and a very open mind.