Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Switzerland 2018

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Switzerland 2018
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Switzerland is the heaven on earth. It is difficult to express the beauty and magnitude of Switzerland which is divided into different regions like Swiss plateau, Aps and Jura depending upon the geographical distribution. This territory is a place where everyone wished to be there once in his life. It has risen as the world’s top wealthiest country because the per capita gross domestic product is sufficiently higher to exhibit a stable situation in the country. Zurich is ranked second while Geneva is ranked eighth in the sustainable and persistent superiority of life and existence. People are friendly and cooperative for every foreigner. A part from this, we can estimate the worthy value of Switzerland by the news that James Bond and Client Eastwood movies are filmed in the valleys of Switzerland. Keeping in concern your interest, we have collected top 10 most beautiful places of Switzerland to describe and best photos of those places are also given below.

10. Schaffhausen

It is a city of Middle Ages and if you love to watch old houses and streets then have a look at the roads, dwellers and town of Schaffusen. The Rhein fall is 23 m near this town and is of course presents a bird’s eye view. Whenever you visit paradise of the world, you should visit Schaffhausen because it is one of the most beautiful places of Switzerland.

9. Thun

It is situated in the central territory of Bern district of Switzerland. The peoples are friendly and often look like a bunch of gathering at various public places hence it is proved that peoples of Switzerland are also fun lovers. The city has River Aar and Lake Thun which have become people choice for capturing photos and making fun of cherish moments.

8. Lugano

It is full of heritage and historical buildings, skyscrapers, museums and many other exploratory specimens for keen visitors. Some of the salient ones include Cathedral of Lorenzo, Ecce Homo from the marvelous museum Museo cantonale containing noble and costly old items and the fabulous earliest museum named Biblioteca Cantonale

7. Lucerne

Every visitor and a layman wants to explore the natural phenomena at a very close observation and when you keep on doing such things it makes you keen observer and for this reason cities like Lucerne attracts you to its ornamental places. The lake of Lucerne is flourished with various algae and plants and look like a green zone of Lucerne.

6. Basel

It is the third populous city of Switzerland and carries the world’s most beautiful locations for tourist. The beauty of this city takes you to a dreamy world of architecture as the city is surrounded by a lovely river in a circular fashion. It sounds strange and hence remained a source of immense surprise for the people. The city has the tallest blue building and Wettsteinbrucke Bridge that a visitor must watch.

5. Lausanne

The sportsman of Olympic committee is Lausanne for organizing and conducting sports matches. It has most beautiful and colorful skyscrapers and continuous hilly areas. The Geneva Lake is so attractive that any visitor cannot have words to express and delineate its loveliness. The Lausanne Cathedral represents the Switzerland’s supreme illustration of Gothic design.

4. Geneva

If we call the Geneva as the paradise of Switzerland, then it sounds more better because this place would not let you stay at home instead you keep on enjoying water fall, hiking and boating. It feels cooler to play volley ball near the islands and water areas. Rue de Rhone and Rue de Reve are the two busiest and top most beautiful streets of Geneva. You can enjoy beauty of nature in this part of Switzerland.

3. Zurich

Top most beautiful and Switzerland’s largest city has brilliant food, endless shopping, and a busy inner city feel. The best shopping malls and markets are located in Bahnhofstrasse. The religious handsome churches like the Grossmunster and Fraumünster are themselves story teller. At evening, lake side views of Promendae have no match.

2. Interlaken

It is one of the most beautiful place of Switzerland which is full of natural wonders. It is located relatively deep in the area of Alps and thus mountains and hilly areas are scattered everywhere for a beautiful view and galleries. Most prominent mountains include the Eiger, the Monch and the Jungfrau. In addition to this, Trummelbach Schlucht waterfall is also nestled there to keep your eye gauzed there.

1. Bern

It is the traditional and cultural city of Switzerland which has considerable repute for having international delegates and other republic gatherings. Various festivals are also organized here including the internationals Jazz festival. The shopping malls, markets and fashioned streets keep your eyes attended always. Historic Old Town is a central place for the visitor which is equipped with the Zytglogge clock tower. This site is called UNESCO Heritage of Bern.