Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches to Visit 2018

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches to Visit 2018
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Beaches are the natural and god gifted places where people feel free like at heaven and spent their honeymoon or exotic outdoor adventures. You must have exciting visit of the world’s most beautiful and exotic sandy shores by wearing sunglasses. There you can enjoy the delicate warmth of sand, freshness of air, crystal clear water and the company of your friends and other tourist. There is great variation among the people about the concept regarding beaches visit. Many of them want to have their best beach photographs, others come for the exercise and rests are for enjoyment and entertainment. We are here to show you the top 10 most beautiful beaches of the world which should be worth of exploring and admiring..

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches to Visit

10. Santorini Red Beach

Red beach is located in the Greek islands just at the bottom of red cliffs where red sand and resting chairs are waiting for the picturesque and heart touching sites. The beach is only accessible through the boat or via foot walk behind the mountain. It is one of the most popular beaches in the world for its beauty.

9. Cape Maclear, Malawi

Lake Malawi harbors the great Cape Maclear where beach houses are located for the tourist. It is amongst those beaches that possess silence, cool and calm prettiness at any given time. Sea hunting and boat driving have become a hobby for the public at that spot. You have often seen the photos of beautiful beaches among which Cape Maclear is a dominating one.

8. Puka Beach, Philippines

It has imparted valuable beauty and gorgeousness to the Boracay of Philippine. Feel the pinching breeze that touches your body suggesting the piercing nature of the beach surroundings. Condensed trees, soft sand, peaceful environment leave no way of escaping choice from this sandy shore. Puka shells are in particular are found near the shore from where it has obtained its name.

7. Bandon

Bandon is located in Oregon of the United States of America and come up with the title of most beautiful beach in Europe. You will fall in love with the salient scenes of this beach. When the sun sets then the beams originating from its periphery make the atmosphere and environment very fascinating. You just cannot leave this beach without thoroughly exploration.

6. Byron Bay, Australia

The Byron Bay offers the most beautiful beach resorts and the beach sunsets in Australia. It has been claimed as the focal point of interaction of the world most famous celebrities belonging to different professions. The plantation and flowers fragrance mixed up and visitors sense a romantic aroma.

5. Lover’s Beach, Mexico

Where the Pacific Ocean meets the sea of Cortez, the beach location lies over there just between the two high rocks. The beach although most beautiful in overall appearance but not suitable to play time consuming sports or fishing. Because the sea is relatively has high tidal amplitude that may be harmful in late evening. Yet the time you spent will be memorable.

4. Bottom Bay, Barbados

Barbados contains a lot of most beautifulbeaches and bottom bay is one of these splendors. Extensive green vegetation, high coral reefs, long palm trees and fast blowing air are the featuring natural facilities of this sandy shore. Sea animals like tortoise and frogs are often spotted near the water border.

3. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

It is named after its nearby location of a volcanic mountain which usually keeps its bottom and interior boiling but did not erupt lava. The people have dug up their own water bath filled with water to enjoy and keep them cool and warmth in humid and cool air. According to our opinions, not only this is the most beautiful but also a peculiar one in its existence and entertainment.

2. Paradise Beach, Rab, Croatia

Indeed, it feels really like a paradise when we jump in the moderately shallow water of the beach in a scorching sun. King Edward has allowed his republic to bath in the white sand beach naked during his reign and since that day people are doing the same. The foundation for environmental education and management has awarded blue flag to this beach keeping in concern the loveliness of the beach.

1. Pigeon Point,Trinidad and Tobago

Pigeon point is the part of Caribbean beach which is really worth appreciating in its magnificence and natural looks. The beach is surrounded by trees of almonds and coconuts that keep on swirling in the cool breeze. Powdery sands and swirls of wind make you realize the deliciousness of life which just demands escaping from the boring routine. On the basis of its location and beauty, it is the nest beach to visit in the world.