The BEST Place to eat in Interlaken

The BEST Place to eat in Interlaken
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One of the first things Matt and I realized when we arrived in Interlaken was that we didn’t research our destination well enough. Aka, we didn’t research it at all. After taking a train through Switzerland (which I highly suggest you do at least once in your life for spectacular views), we were expecting the mountains, clear lakes, and small houses. What we were not expecting was Asian restaurants and tourist shops on every corner of the city. Not in Switzerland.

We made the best of our location, and explored through the small town, Leissigen, which was a fifteen minute train ride just outside of Interlaken. We also took a day trip out to Lucerne (your Eurorail pass will come in handy for this expensive train ride!), and I went paragliding on our last day in the city. Interlaken is a beautiful city, but I wish I had done my research and maybe stayed in a smaller town in Switzerland instead, as that is what I fell in love with while we were there.

Views in Leissigen.

If you ever find yourself in Interlaken though, I would recommend you make sure you have enough time to have a dinner at Restaurant Laterne, which is one of five Swiss restaurants still left in the city. This is the most amazing meal we had in three days in Switzerland. Matt and I split our meal, which consisted of cheese fondue that we dipped fresh bread in, and Rösti which we ordered with tomato, ham, cheese, and potatoes. We also had chocolate fondue for dessert (because how do you not?) with fresh fruit.

View from our table at Laterne.

Cheese fondue with Rösti.

Chocolate Fondue for Dessert!

Restaurant Laterne was one of the more expensive meals we had in Europe. On a backpacker’s budget, you cannot afford to eat like this every day, but we made an effort to try to eat local everywhere that we went when we could. To be honest, eating at one of the tourist restaurants down the street would have cost around the same amount anyway, and this was a much more authentic experience.

I cannot say enough good things about the hospitality in this restaurant! It was recommended by a local, and I am happy to report that it does not include a “tourist special” on it’s menu. If you ever have the opportunity to try Restaurant Laterne, I promise that you will leave wishing your stomach would allow you to taste just a little bit more : )

Have you ever been to Interlaken? Any other restaurants here that you would recommend?