The BEST Place to Eat in Amsterdam!

The BEST Place to Eat in Amsterdam!
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I LOVED Amsterdam! The streets, the bikes, the culture. I just loved every second I was in this fabulous city.

Every city we were in in Europe, Matt and I tried to eat an authentic meal. The best way to find an authentic restaurant? You ask the locals!

The BEST Place to Eat in Amsterdam!

On our second day in Amsterdam, we found ourselves sitting in a pub getting out of the afternoon rain with a pint in our hands. We asked our server where we could go for a traditional dutch dinner, and without a thought, he directed us to Restaurant’t Zwaantje (pronounced “Swan” in English), which was a few side streets away from where we were. We ordered another pint, waited for the rain to stop, and made our way over to this adorable place.

We got there a little earlier than other diners, but were seated by the window, and were able to watch the locals as they filed in. The restaurant felt like a mix between a pub and a kitchen. There were banners hung on the walls, and cute little place mats at each setting.Aside from our hostel dinners in Poland, this was the most home cooked meal we had on our trip! I had “Oma’s Recipe” which was beef with potatoes, green beans, vegetables, and apple sauce (the Dutch love their apple sauce!), and Matt had a Schnitzel and vegetables. We both couldn’t stop talking about how good our meal was after every bite.

After beers, our meals, and dessert (crêpes!), our bill came to €47. We didn’t eat out like this for every meal, so this was a nice treat to have after a day of exploring the city!

If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, I highly recommend going to Restaurant’t Zwaantje!

Have you had any local meals that you would love others to try? I want to hear about them!

I apologize for the photo quality in this post. I left my camera locked up at the hostel on this night.