The 10 Best Network Marketing Companies In The World 2018

The 10 Best Network Marketing Companies In The World 2018
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The 10 Best Network Marketing Companies In The WorldToday, a lot of people are talking about network marketing companies (also referred to as Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramid Selling, Direct Selling, or Referral Marketing Companies). Actually much of these debates revolve around which network companies rank in the top 10. In short, by taking into considerations a number of factors such as whether the company is a self-described MLM, the number of years it has been in business and its revenues, its Google Page Rank, and how frequent the company shows up in Google Tends, below is an overview of the latest top 10 best network marketing companies. Read on!

10. Avon Products, Inc.

Avon is was founded in 1886 and is the pioneer company in network marketing as well as the world leader in fragrances, toiletries and cosmetics, including household, beauty, and personal care categories. This American international MLM Company boasts of over 6.5 million representatives worldwide. As of 2013, Avon had annual sales of $12.0 billion products worldwide. Avon’s well-known product lines include Anew, Avon Color, Skin So Soft, AvonNaturals, Advanced Techniques Hair Care and mark. The current CEO of Avon Products, Inc. is Sherilyn S. McCoy. She was appointed to that position in April, 2012.

9. Amway

Amway (short for American Way) is a well-known, thriving, multibillion-dollar international business that uses MLM techniques and sells a variety of products, primarily in the beauty, home care and health markets. Amway is based in Ada, Michigan. The company offers skincare products, several household products, and the Nutrilite line of products such as vitamins, mineral and dietary supplements to consumers in more than 80 countries and territories worldwide through a network of over 3 million distributors. Founded in 1959 by Richard DeVos and Jay Van Andel, Amway generated $11.0 billion in revenues from net sales in 2013.

8. Melaleuca

Melaleuca is an international manufacturer and network marketer of unique home, health and personal care products. Founded in 1985 by an American entrepreneur, radio network owner, political campaign financier, and rancher, Melaleuca, Inc. has a single-level compensation plan and generated revenues of $1 billion in 2013 making it one of the largest and most successful MLM in existence. Its wellness products together with promising business opportunities make it seem to be one of the perfect business opportunities for very many people. In fact, the company is among the few network marketing companies that have stood the test of time, and has grown to establish a clean image for those who have joined it.

7. Natura Cosmetics SA

Natura Cosmetics Company was founded in 1969 as a small laboratory and cosmetics shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company offers a full range of personal hygiene, cosmetics and fragrances products with solutions for customers’ needs, regardless of age. It is the Brazilian environmentally conscious cosmetic giant and produces over 600 products ranging from sunscreens, make-up, moisturizers, skin-cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, and fragrances. The company also features a variety of brands that it offers via a direct sales force of over 1.5 million people such as Ekos, Crer Para Ver, Natura Chronos, Mamae e Bebe, and Sistema de Higiene Oral. As of 2013, the company registered net sales worth $3 billion.

 6. Vorwerk & Co. KG

Vorwerk & Co. KG is a global group of companies including JAFRA Cosmetics that sell products in a vast range of industries. As a network marketing company, Vorwerk has been stellar and has had a positive impact on the cosmetics and home appliances industry. The 129-year-old, family-owned, German-based company focuses on direct marketing business model to sell its products which also include carpeting and upholstery fabrics. Vorwek & Co. KG reported a net sales volume of $ 3.5 billion in 2013.

5. Herbalife Ltd

Herbalife International is a multi-level marketing company that sells weight management, nutrition and skin-care products headquartered in Los Angeles, California, US. Founded in 1980, the company features products that have been developed by scientists including a Nobel Prize winner and laureate in medicine, Louis Ignarro, Ph.D. Herbalife employs around 7,500 people worldwide and reported net sales of $4.2 billion in 2013, and net income of $500 million.

4. Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products International, Inc. is a network marketing company that spans the globe with over 9.4 million distributors, operating in about 155 countries and generates over $2.5 billion in sales annually. The company was founded in 1978 and sells aloe vera-based drinks and bee derived cosmetics, personal care products and nutritional supplements. In fact, the company is the largest known manufacturer of aloe vera products and aloe drinks in the world. FLP has a multi-level compensation plan and generated revenues of $2 billion in 2013.

3. Mary Kay Inc.

Mary Kay, founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash, is a well-known and very respectable American privately-owned cosmetic giant. With net sales of $3 billion, the company featured in the 2013’s top 10 largest direct selling company in the world. Mary Kay products are sold in over 35 markets worldwide. The company has more than 2.5 million global representatives. The company’s products include makeup; skin care, fragrances, and body care which have all made it achieve its goal of helping women achieve personal growth and financial success.

2. Tupperware Brands Corp.

Tupperware Brands Corp. was founded in 1946, and sells storage and serving products for the kitchen, as well as design-centric preparation, personal care and beauty products. It generated revenues of $2.5 billion in 2013. The company is well-known as a global direct seller of innovative, premium products across multiple categories and brands through an independent sales force. Tupperware Brands Corp. is based in Orlando, Fla and boasts of about 13,500 employees worldwide.

1. Nu Skin

Nu Skin is a billion-dollar network marketing company that has been very successful for the past few decades. The company was founded in 1984 and is today marketing and selling personal care and nutritional products in over 50 countries. Nu Skin has a sales force of about 800,000 independent distributors, including preferred customers. Founded by Blake Roney, who is the current President and CEO, the company uses a multi-marketing system and its independent sellers to sell its products in all corners of the world.

The company also has some other brands such as Pharmanex, under whose name they sell dietary supplements, and Big Planet brand which consists of an online storage system known as Maxvault, and an online video program by the name Maxcast.

Generally, network marketing is one industry that has been experiencing fierce competition for the past decade, and the list may change after a while based on each company’s annual performance in terms of its net sales, products (whether they are consumable or digital kind), and the company’s individual compensation plan. It’s, therefore, necessary that one does a thorough homework about the individual companies before venturing into a network marketing program; remember that competition has a two way impact – it can be really good, but it can also kill your business.