List of Top 10 beautiful hybrid cats unleashed 2018

List of Top 10 beautiful hybrid cats unleashed 2018
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The presence of pet animals in our home is known for enhancing the quality of our lives, and a good pet will provide you some sweet memories which will last for a lifetime. People all around the world mostly prefer dogs and cats as their pets, and this is mainly due to the human friendly approach of these animals. Dogs are known for its loyalty, and cats are renowned for their cuteness. A beautiful cat with lovely stripes, patterns and spots in their body will attract anybodys eyes within a glance, and this beauty factor is undoubtedly the main reason behind the whooping growth of cat pet industry. Nowadays, you will find many hybrid cats in the pet market, and all these cats are known for their impeccable looks and beauty. Normally, hybrid breeds are developed by crossing domestic cats and wild cats, and this rare combination usually results in the creation of some stunningly beautiful cats. Please find below the list of top 10 most beautiful cat hybrid breeds.

10. Savannah

These cats are slim and tall, and they are known for their cute eyes. This hybrid variety is a cross between a serval cat and a domestic one. They are known for their exceptional intelligence, and many pet experts compare their loyalty with that of dogs. The price of these cats ranges from $ 1500 $ 5000 in the pet market. This cat is known for its tremendous leaping ability, and it can jump as high eight feet from the land level. Due to their high intelligence level, these cats may sometimes hiss upon people whom they are not familiar.

9. Bengal Cat

This is another extremely beautiful hybrid cat which was formed by crossing a domestic cat and an Asian Leopard cat. This cat will surely impress you with its stunning looks, and in some angles, this cat will resemble a furious Indian leopard. The large spots in the body of these cats are attractive, and the white belly adds the style quotient beyond imagination. In the market, this cat is worth $ 1000 $ 25, 000.

8. Persian Longhair

If you prefer cuteness more than anything else, then Persian Longhair will be the perfect choice for you. This is an old cat breed, but the popularity and demand for these cats are still on the higher side. With long silky hairs and round face, these cats will melt the heart of even the hardhearted, and it is sheer elegance to hold these cats on your palm. These cats were first developed by the English, and after the 1950s American breeders took charge of producing these cats in huge numbers. The price of these cats varies from $ 500 $ 6000.

7. The Sphynx

These cats are known for its alien looks and this appearance fetched them a name, Alien Cats. This hairless breed of cats was first developed in Canada, and it gained popularity in the course of time. It has a strong body, and the face is the right blend of cuteness and wildness. This is a cat hybrid most people love, and its loyalty can be compared with that of Savannahs. These cats are very lively in nature, and it demands lot of attention and care. But dont worry, if you give 1% of your love to them, then will return back 100% of their love and affection. These cats are affordable, and they are available from $ 300.

6. Toyger

Toyger is another hybrid cat breed which will capture your eyes with its looks. These cats were produced after breeding domestic short haired tabbies. It usually resembles like a Toy Tiger, and will be very much a companion for kids. They are not too large when it comes to size, but the beauty and cuteness of these cats are simply unmatchable.

5. Peterbald Cat

These cats were formed as a result of the mating between Donsky and Oriental Short hair. Peterbald cats are known for its elegant face, and they are very energetic in nature. They will be very friendly with the fellow pets, and this factor plays a crucial role behind the popularity of this breed. In the pet market, this cat is worth $ 1000 $ 5000.

4. Hypo Allergenic Cats

Many people all around the world are allergic towards cats, and this fact prevented many people from growing their favorite pets. And here comes the vitality of Hypo Allergenic cats from Allerca. These cats are jovial, friendly and playful. The weight of these cats varies from 4kg to 8 kg, and this makes it a perfect choice for your pet growing needs. These cats are worth $ 5000 $ 6000.

3. Chausie

The popularity of Chausie cats are increasing day by day, and this is mainly due to their mesmerizing looks. They are tall, and they have a long body blended with long legs. Beautiful eyes and ears are other major attractions of chausie cats. As of now, chausie cats are available in three different colors.

2. Serengeti Cat

These cats are undoubtedly cute in nature, and they are the result of a cross between Bengal cat and Oriental long hair. These cats are characterized by long legs, and they posses very large ears. Serengeti cats have the capacity to weigh up to 6.5 kilograms.

1. The Ashera

This is perhaps the most costlier and beautiful cat which is available in the present pet market. These cats are worth $ 1, 25,000, and this cat is formulated by crossing African serval, the Asian leopard cat, and a domestic housecat. It looks just like a leopard, and it has huge number of fans in all corners of the world. The producers of The Ashera breeds only 5 cats a year, and this shows the value and demand of these cats. These cats are highly intelligent, and they are normally affectionate and loyal towards their owners. But there are many experts who questions the authenticity of this breed, and they claims that these are actually Savannah cats.

All the cats in this list are beautiful, and it will surely impress you in all aspects. While selecting a pet for your needs, you should be highly careful, and should select a cat hybrid that can be easily feed at home.